Well i want Maas again next season and i`m sure he will be !!!!

How about we all stop the finger pointing and wait until we actually have an offensive playbook. Right now we are tinkering with 10 or so "plays" with no real offense built around it. Let Mr. D hire a new Offensive Coordinator to turn this around. All 3 QB's are solid and they each bring different pro's / con's to the team. Plus (and more importantly) they made the team and we are a bunch of opinionated, arm chair QB's....so give them a chance and pass me another beer.

Looking forward to 2007. :thup:

Well said catattack....its really sad how these guys go after eachother. If you want to leave an opinion or idea, all the power 2 ya...but lets try not to have this topic locked

Any talk of Eakin as a "failure" ignores the fact that he will be on a football roster, in a league with 'NFL' in it, next season.

Any talk of Eakin as a "failure" ignores what a small part he was - of a much larger Failing, and floundering ORGANIZATION.

I hope Richie Williams is invited back next season. Who knows, with a competent coaching staff next season, his career may still have hope in Hamilton.

Here is hoping Maas heals up and can return to form with a stable franchise around him.


How is this post even still up here?? I guess it’s clear what your offensive game plan is, start Williams. Sorry, but he doesn’t have the experience to start and while he has shown that he has a great arm and can move the ball well at times, he has also struggled. I think he has huge potential and is very talented, but not ready to start by a long shot.

Totally agree with meanstreak. Hope to that Williams returns and does well. I think he will. That births a question... how does Maas fit into all this?

just wanted to agree with Radleinfan ... its refreshing to know there is a few on this sight that actually watch the games and know of what they speak. Keep writing Radleinfan we enjoy hearing your opinions.