Ok...if we dont intend to get a "proven" starting QB next year then why not go with Eakin


-He's Cheaper, and maybe we can spend money on a Geroy Simon or Jason Tucker like receiver
-We wasted a season with Maas, so if we arent going to get a new QB whats the harm in giving a whole season to Eakin
-He's got a good arm (can throw over 30 yards unlike Maas), he's poised when he has time
-He's smart, and energized when on the field, and can pump the team up when we are down

I've been watching football for 17 years now, and my dad has taught me everything there is to know about football, I've been going to games on a regular basis since about 4 years old and I know when a QB has a future and looking at Eakin I can see him leading our team for years to come

I give Williams credit, he is a good athelete and QB but in my opinion is too young and should not be a starting QB yet, maybe in a couple years but not next year

so, that is my opinion, if this does happen and I am wrong then everyone on this forum can rub it in my face, but I have a good feeling about this kid...feel free to discuss and give my your opinions on this matter

I think Eakin played well tonight especially with a weak O-line and some dropped passes…I think he should have come out when his thumb was hurt…that cost us 7 points…

Williams did pretty good too…

but it’a all up to the new coach and where he wants to go…

Good effort by the team tonight generally…

on to 2007!

How about "consistancy", or his lack thereof...

My opinion...

Eakin has been nothing but inconsistant since his 1 good game.

He throws more pics than Danny Mac (Which says alot)

At least Richie Williams limits his poor decisions.

Toss Eakin, Bring Maas and Williams to camp with some genuine competition.

We didnt have one consistant QB this year, I think that no matter what QB you put in for us they wont look good with our offence, Maas cant throw a good pass so even with a new offence I dont think he will do any better, but put Eakin on BC and I thnik we would rip us apart I just dont want to sit and watch Maas play another season the way he did this year, if he was hurt and comes back next year and plays well then good for him, but i just dont think he will recover from his shoulder surgery

I still say send smith down to Kanas city
and make printers an offer he can't refuse

I thought there was gonna be a hard cap next year?? no chance we could beat the NFL $$ and still stay under the cap!

Send Maas and Holmes to Saskatchewan for Kerry Joseph!

An injury?
Weak O-line?
Dropped passes?
Bad playbook?
Drive killing missed FGs?

And what exactly differentiates these factors from Maas' play?

Eakin is a backup ...
let him back someone up.

"Send Maas and Holmes to Saskatchewan for Kerry Joseph!"

I'm always hearing these ridiculous trade ideas. Seriously... do you think it's that easy? So you think the 'Riders would actually entertain that trade?

Now... about the QB's...

These are my opinions:


  • I don't buy the thumb thing. I think it's a poor excuse.
  • I could throw a tighter spiral using a toaster.
  • Is as mobile as a refridgerator.


  • Great speed.
  • Strong arm.
  • Not a quarterback!
  • He runs INTO traffic.
  • Throws the ball to places where there are no receivers in sight.
  • Reminds me of Mike Vick (in a bad way). Gets the ball, pump fakes, runs around, throws the ball away. Not a quarterback.

I say stick with Maas and maybe next year he'll be more comfortable in Hamilton and healthy.

Were you watching the game last night? I thought he did okay for a rookie. I usually don't care for what Leif has to say, but he was bang-on commenting that Williams looked very assertive for a young QB. He's got pretty good vision for someone who is still learning the game, and I think he's got potential.

imo Eakin is playing handicaped because he was not schooled in canadian football. he is a quality qb but he belongs in nfl, as a backup, Williams seems to have cfl suited talent and shows he can "click'with his recievers , - ? can cfl trade with nfl teams?


Williams has great skills... I just don't think he's a quality "Quarterback"... yet. In another thread I said that we should keep him as a 3rd stringer and help mould him into a quality backup one day. I just don't see him being a starter. BUT... I hope I'm wrong and I have to eat my words and he leads us to 10 Grey Cups.


Eakin in the NFL? You've got to be kidding. Yes? No?

My thoughts on the 2 QB's last night.Eakin seems not able to see the play developing and doesn't seem able to adjust.Williams on the other hand,spent most of his game running around looking for someone to throw it to.Again,he was unable to "see" the play and couldn't improvise.When a QB is running around all game,it is basically a string of broken plays and a QB must be able to improvise in these situations.Neither guy at this point has this ability,maybe one day,but not yet.

Williams has those dancing feet. Some get past it, some never do. I can't figure out Eakin.

Ive got the solution: Draft Adam Archibald and bring Danny Mac back as QB coach. Start Maas, keep Eakin, cut Williams. Danny as QB coach
Its like a storybook ending almost

If we play to make the playoffs next
year, we won't do it with the QB's
we have now. Get printers, trade MAAS
and a few of the other high price players.

Keep Eakin?

You have got to be kidding?

One of the first things I was tought when throwing a football was to how to throw it with a tight spiral.

Have you watched Eakin's passes? I've seen drunks throw a tighter spiral.

The guy is garbage. Let's get a real QB who can scramble and throw. Where is another Chuck Ealey, where is another Russ Jackson, where is yesterday? :roll:

deadzone wrote "eakin cant throw spirals" the td pass and that 20 yard slant were two of the prettiest balls I saw this year, what game were you watching? Oh yea I forgot your name... deadzone enogh said

barrencheafan. you are annoying. start maas? they started maas all season--have you not had enough. Keep eakin? HAHAHAHAHA, what, are you gay for eakin? you always take up for him and he showed NOTHING this whole season except how well he can throw to the OTHER team. my dog could come up with a better solution than the "brillant" plans you come up with