QB woes, I feel for you

I really do feel for you guys. You deserve a lot better then McManus and Brady.
Brady looked like a lesser Nealon Greene tonight.

I really hope that that trade does allow you guys to get Maas. The Ti-cats are my fav team from the east, and share a lot of similarities, at least in my mind, to the Riders. Too bad about this yeat, good luck next year

Don't take Maas Ti-cats! Take Ray!!!!!!

I've never been a huge fan of Ray, but it's amazing what a change of scenery can do for a player. If we got Ray or Maas we would still be ahead of were we are now. I won't hold my breath for Printers (he'll more than likely go to T.O.). But if Joseph hit the free agent market, then I'll take him too. Anyone of those 3 QB's will put us on the right track.

I think that having a decent qb would lead you to a .500 or better season next year. It seems to be one of the key areas that your team is lacking in right now.

I think that without Danny, the focus could be about our team again. Whether is was positive or negative, Danny's future with the club hung over us like a black cloud.

If you don't land Paopao as Offensive coordinator, which is a hot rumour, then consider persuading Danny to hang 'em up and become the offensive coordinator....... you could certainly do worse.