QB.. who will be the starting QB?

Well any one that knows Mike Kelly can figure out that his obvious choice is Stefan LeFors. I would have to say that he is showing promise and his skill level is where its supposed to be. But they are other factors to consider. Like the play of Richie Williams, he could give LeFors a good run for that position, his steady arm and mobility is gonna be a factor in Kelly’s decision.

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...I'd give the nod to LeFors right now as he has looked really good through t.c.....Randall/Williams will probably be 2/3 on the roster...with Kilian getting the axe...Just my take.. :roll:

It certainly looks like LeFors will be the starter, but I think that the #s 2 and 3 are too close to call...Probably have a much better idea after tomorrow night.

I heard Kilian has been real impressive in TC but I guess tonight we shall see for ourseleves what hes like in game action. The starter has to be LeFors I would think based on everything thats gone on. Personally, I would have the depth like:


But I haven’t seen Kilian yet. The picture should become more clearer tonight.

It really depends on which practices you refer to, he's had a few stinkers also...I guess the pre season game tonight will be the best indicator

thanks for filling me in. a buddy of mine in winnipeg said the ones hes gone too kilian looked great. sadly i havent taken the two hour drive in for one yet :frowning: wanted to go to the game tonight but have prior committments. i cant wait for the season!

Well...I guess IF you can judge everyone at QB after one preseason game, we know the following...

LeFors will start
Randall is a more than capable backup
Williams will be third

See ya Killian...

…Pretty much how i see it…Unless Kilian lights it up in Mont. i think he’s gonzo…LeFors looked really comfortable and played up to expectation…Randall looked the best I’ve seen him ever…Can run…deliver the ball (in the wind) with accuracy and authority…He is slowly securing the 2nd. spot…Williams did not play well…HOWEVER…cut the guy some slack…how long has he been in the Peg…While only pre-season. we definitely show some promise…Not one shotgun formation…Kelly thinks you get a better take on a qb. when he takes the ball right under centre…I won’t argue with him at this point and am very interested in seeing how this ‘plays’ out… :wink: