QB who should start next week in Montreal.

8) Since when did both QB's know that they both would be playing tonight ?????
 Are you priviledged to some inside information that no one else knows about  !!!

 Did Marcel tell you this before the game  ?????      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

 Considering that Glen has not played in a regular season game up untill tonight, maybe you know more than the rest of us here  !!!!!         <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->


Just quickly on this point:

Cobb had five touches in the first half, so the game plan clearly wasn't to get him touches or we would have seen more work for him. We did not see him being used as a downfield receiver out of the backfield much, either -- consigned mainly to decoy work when not going out to the flat as a flare or dumpoff candidate. For having a Player of the Week from last week, I would have expected a more conscious effort by the offensive brainstrust to get him the ball more and challenge the Bombers that way. Game planning involves more than limiting one's options of attack by design. :wink:

It smacks of Corey Holmes erasure, mach two, but I trust Bellefeuille and Gibson will not repeat the Taaffestry of recent times and get Cobb the ball more. Even if Caulley gets the call, we need more consistency in utilizing our backs in the passing attack as well as the run moving forward.

Oski Wee Wee,

As stated before....PORTER starts no matter what if healthy...if he struggles or the Cats need a change put Glenn in. Purrfectly executed QB handling tonite by Coach Marcel.

But Porter starts next week.....


keep the veterans out there baby, they need to keep up with MTL, stay with glenn and use a balanced offensive attack, but they need glenn to manage the game and throw a lot of short routes and run the ball in order to run out the clock and keep MTLs explosive offence on the sidelines.


Use them exactly as Marcel did tonight.

This is a process that is allowing Porter to learn and become more decisive just as Glenn demonstrated tonight.

Turned out to be a good coaching decision.


Lol beauty

post of the year. :thup:

This just in from the National Post:

"Porter, who entered the game ranked seventh in passing among quarterbacks, completed 16 of 23 attempts for 188 yards and one interception. Though he did not throw a single touchdown pass, he efficiently moved the ball up the field to set up several field-goal attempts. But with the score tied, the Ticats decided to see if Glenn could spark the offence.

“Quinton threw the ball very well,” said Ticats head coach Marcel Bellefeuille. “But you have to look at the big picture. It was a 6-6 game. We were getting yardage, but we weren’t getting the points.”…

Bellefeuille, who seems opposed to a two-quarterback system, said Glenn’s performance could open the door to continue as the No. 1.

It’s whatever you take to win," he said. “We’ll make a decision on our starter by (Monday) and it won’t be a secret . . . that’s why we signed Kevin. We signed him for this reason, because he can pitch in.”


Ummmmm? Why is the QB controversy being allowed to start again? I don’t understand.

Oski Wee Wee,

I don’t think it’s a controversy at all. He’s just simply saying they got Glenn because he could help win games, similar to the reason you get any player. I’m sure Porter will start.

"We'll make a decision on our starter by (Monday) and it won't be a secret ." <<< HE ISN'T, LOL!

I am glad we can be categorical. However, unless Porter is injured, this says to me the starting role is still not definitively Porter's.

Is this hesitation to smooth things a bit with Kevin? As far as I know, Glenn's been pretty clear that he is cool with whatever the coaches want to do re the starter's job. He gets what the value of Porter's development is to the team moving forward. All I see by that statement is that Marcel can't be definitive to Quinton!

A backup who can win games is gold. I understand that. I still haven't seen Porter's play costing us a game this season, so it's this coyishness at being clear about this that peeves me.

Oski Wee Wee,

I think I'd start Porter, I was surprised when he got pulled tonight since I felt he was playing okay.
Anyway this is what you'd have to call a good problem for a team to have.
Both QB's are winners.

TSN has an article about the game and Bellefeuille said that they were going to put Porter back in, but Glenn was on a roll so they stuck with him. Makes sense, but I think Porter still will start. I hope his confidence isn't shaken by this.


Glen ...No Question ..

Rookie QB Should Learn From Bench and in Mop up Duty
Porter has not played a Full Season so He Rookie IMO

Should be interesting at most!

No offence but it won’t really matter.

I'm betting Calvillo will start. LOL

You asked! :smiley:

No offense but your opinion doesn't really matter.