QB who should start next week in Montreal.

So who do you start come next week in Montreal. Both QB’s knew coming in they would both be playing. IMO we need both and if the platoon works and continues to win then let it be.

I'd go with Porter based on his win last year in Montreal.

Same thing, start Porter and if he's struggling put in Glenn.
Or................start Glenn and if he's struggling put in Porter.

You got a great point there.

Who said they were platooning? Didn't catch that.

If the team platoons them against the Als by design, they will get smoked, IMHO.

Porter is the starter unless the team is getting blown out and/or is injured. I thought this was the formula, no?

I mean, I hate to get Onknight excited that his QB controversy-let might be on again. Gotta cut down on those extraneous BGR polls. LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,

Q. PORTER 16/23 188 0 1
K. GLENN 11/19 146 2 2


Porter, no question. Sure, he got yanked tonight, but that's part of the learning curve for a young QB. He's got the talent and the desire. He just needs to read defenses better and complete his passes with reasonable accuracy.

Glenn's a good backup, but you know what you're getting. No untapped upside there and he certainly won't make plays with his legs the way Porter can. As an Als fan, I HOPE you guys start Glenn next week, because I'd rather face him than Porter, frankly. :slight_smile:

I think for experience they should go with Glenn next week but I believe Porter will be playing you are going to see allot of Glenn this year as there will be a QB shuffle during the season in Hamilton, as soon a Porter stinks you will see Glenn come in and Porter could be on a short leash this season

Judging from what I saw with Montreal's defensive rush, I would start glenn because he gets the ball away quicker, but I think they will start Porter, and I don't have a problem with that. I suspect we will see both Glenn and Porter next week one way or another.

Porter...it's a non issue, they will handle it internally and I'm not talking about it.

I love it thats so funny!!! :rockin:

I was thinking of call 900 chml and saying that.

Good idea, Chewy! I think Michaels will like that.

That game was vs. Montreal but in Hamilton.

I knew this had to start eventually. Glenn played fairly well tonight and seemed to make quicker decisions than Porter...though sometimes too quick (INTs). He got the win and was impressive although I wasn't sure why they yanked Porter. I think his numbers were good, his passes were on point. I was really hoping they wouldn't start this qb controversy.

Start Porter. Glenn is the back up and he did his job tonight. He provided that spark. It's his job to come off the bench and play well. Although he also gave up the ball for a TD and turned it over a second time. Would we still have won with Porter in the second half? We can only guess now but I didn't see any reason to pull him.

I don't like the idea of a planned platoon and I hope that is not the strategy. You don't want to be bringing in a cold qb off the bench against Montreal if there's no need for it.

My feeling is the same as with the RB position. People were prepared to award Cobb the starter's job after his performance last week; it was quite a different story tonight though on the ground. If Glenn starts next week and falters and has to be replaced by the previous starter Porter, it will lead to a very confusing qb situation. If he comes in as a reliever, that's fine, but I don't think they should start messing with the depth chart right now.


Use both.. it won a game for us tonight.

How many time do I have to say it,

Porter...it's a non issue, they will handle it internally and I'm not talking about it, Next question

Porter is our man. He needs to play to become better, and he is doing a fine job.

I agree, he needs experience in the red zone. Well they all do. It will come.