QB Velocity

Here`s an interesting listing of QB Velocity from the NFL Combine from 2008-2016:

[url=http://blogs.ourlads.com/2016/03/02/quarterback-ball-velocity-at-nfl-combine-2008-2015/]http://blogs.ourlads.com/2016/03/02/qua ... 2008-2015/[/url]

As we kind of know, QBs with a high velocity do not necessarily translate to elite QBs, but looking at the list, the better QBs do have the higher velocity numbers.

Some of the numbers of interest:

Vernon Adams - 53

Brandon Bridge - 57
Cody Fajardo - 55
Anthony Boone - 56
Shane Carden -52

Jeff Mathews - 56
Jordan Lynch - 55
Tajh Boyd - 54

Jacory Harris - 50

Dan LeFevour - 49

Mike Reilly - 58
Drew Willy - 58

Edit: I corrected Reilly, and also wanted to say that the Jacory Harris number doesn`t look very promising.

Looking at the list only tells me that velocity is almost meaningless, or a confusing metric. Interesting tho

Russell Wilson -55
Dak Prescott:54

Reilly -58 (not 59)

TONS of washout guys are 57-59. Kaepernick at 59. Drew Willy 59 ( that did surprise me)

I guess it points out that 53 is about the norm. I probably would have pegged Adams as less than that.

The other thing that was a surprise was the number of "successful" guys who were listed as "did not throw"

There is a reason why Harris hasn't been let on the field in four years.

[i]Johnny remembers from physics courses, that acceleration is usually a better indicator of force. Two guys might have a ball with a top speed of 55, but one might get to 55 a lot faster. The one with greater acceleration will be a stronger zippier pass.

This top speed metric is not very useful IJHO. [/i]

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