QB uncertainty awaits Lions-Riders rematch

REGINA — Loucheiz Purifoy hated to see Nathan Rourke leave the field on Friday night, but he knew what would happen as he watched his teammate leave the field.

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Fajardo would have adjusted and had a strong half had he played through. Article said the comeback fell a bit short? They scored zero points in the 2nd half with Fine at qb. Talk of Fine now being the face of the franchise is absurd, what a fine mess that would be. Now if they are moving away from Fajardo, put him on the trade block, am sure there will be a lot of interest

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And just like that, BAM!, everything changes. At least O'Connor still has all the weapons to play with. The next week or two will show us how capable he is of using them. I'm hoping Rourke's injury isn't long term (like a million other people).

The fact of the matter is that Fajardo is not very good. He had one good year as a starter in Sask. in 2019 but otherwise is a career backup. And at 30 years old he isn't going to get any better. Fine looked OK but anointing him off one half of play is absolutely nuts. Realistically the Riders should be looking for a QB in the upcoming off season

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Why is it other teams seem to quote and say the same things that Winnipeg Blue Bombers players say during interviews?

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I couldn't find a down button. Fajardo is a great qb,and am sure several teams are wondering if they could get him,yes to start.

Jason Maas was a bad hire,I called it the moment they hired him. Am on record even on this forum

To say Fajardo is a great quarterback is laughable. He's middle of the road, at best. And yah, there's a few teams he'd be an upgrade for but that's either because their guy is hurt (Ottawa), or they just don't have anything decent (Edmonton, Montreal).

Sports players parrot one another all the time. WPG didn't invent those sayings. Those lines have been spoken for many, many years.

It's ironic that Rourke gets injured in a game when Campbell finally puts another QB in for short yardage. I wonder if he's rethinking those games when he could have pulled Rourke earlier to give O'Connor more playing time.

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Fine has the exact completion % as Fajardo but Fine got 1 less interception more yards passing and rushing and a TD. Maybe it's time to shelve Fajardo and let Fine have the next few games if Riders are going to stay in the race for crossover.

I am confident that Michael O'Connor can keep the Lions impressive 8-1 season rolling in 2022. :heart_eyes: The Lions O-Line has done an excellent job thus far. :bangbang:

Running back James Butler continues to shine, :100: while the Defense continues to play fast and aggressive. Keep up the good work Coach Campbell. :football: :canada:

I was the only one in my group who disagreed with pulling Fajardo, and I disagreed for the same reason you point out. I mean, how many times has he come from behind in the second half and won? Sure, he’s come up short a few times, but he’s still the best option the Riders have at QB.
Anyway, I thought Cody’s interview today might interest you:

Because the Bomber players quote and say the same things as all the other teams I guess.

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Because more times than not over the last three seasons our word salad has been linked to a victory. You've seen the numbers right? Four out of five dentists agree that if a worn out cliche comes from a winner it's gotta be good. :grinning: