QB Tryouts

rumour has it Riders are hosting open QB tryouts. Brett Favre will be attending, Timmy Chang once he is cut, and I am thinking about attending as well. I will compete with Crandell for the starting job. But seriously, what are you guys going to do? Jyles is probably your best bet, but Tillman better look long and hard for an over looked, undrafted NCAA QB, or you could always take a shot with Sacobie or that kid from Regina.

i forgot to mention, Vick is coming as well.

I think there's something like 5 or 6 QB's on the Riders neg list currently playing in the NCAA. It's just a matter of developing one and being patient, which I don't think the fans will be this year.

In Saskatchewan, the team is only as good as the last game they played. We may have the best fans, but we are also the most unforgiving. How we forget that we booed Ron Lancaster off the field the very last game he played as a Roughrider, after all he did for us. I was there when it happened.