QB Troy Smith likely to start vesus Hamilton Sunday

Former Heismann Award winner Troy Smith likely to start versus Hamilton this weekend

Here is a highlight reel :


Montreal Coach / GM Jim Popp interview :


Calvillo interview injury update


I know he is a former Heisman trophy winner, but please, please, D, do not make him look like a future hall of famer. Previous Ticat D's had that penchant for backups thrust into competition. If you can stifle him, I would finally be able to put the demons of D's past to bed.


No need for all the Pleases :slight_smile: I am not pumping him up at all just stating his credentials . Many players that were big college stars or even NFL stars have not faired well up here

some are :

Vince Ferragamo
Chris Leak
Ricky Williams

Just to name a few ...

Heisman Winners who were busts ...

2001 - Eric Crouch - Nebraska - Toronto Argonauts
1998 - Ricky Williams - Texas - Toronto Argonauts
1989 – Andre Ware – University of Houston – Ottawa, B.C., Toronto

Other notables ...

Akili Smith, Don McPherson, Tommie Frazier, Tony Rice, Major Harris, Tim Rosenbach, Todd Marinovich

And those are just the QB's ...

I watched him last game against the Bummers, for the few series he was in he looked pretty good,
Very strong arm and very athletic, he also made a few mistakes!

It's very rare that you have a young QB suddenly become an awesome force in the CFL. I mean apart from maybe Travis Lulay, I can't remember the last time the next great young QB that didn't suffer a sophomore slump or sputtered off and on during the start of their career.

Either way, it doesn't matter who they start. What matters is how we deal with Smith and the rest of the Als.

the Cats have very little actual game film on Smith which may be a cause for concern for the team during prep time this week.

one thing is certain, and that is TS has a rifle for an arm, possibly even stronger than Burris who has been crowned perennially as having the best arm in the CFL.

that being said, this is his first ever start in the CFL and may take a while to get comfortable with the Als playbook and unique Canadian rules.

should be an entertaining game.

hopefully we can do better than last time defensively.Neiswander was throwing up absolute ducks and our secondary was playing on rookie mode allowing everything...

Really it does not matter how he plays this week but how he can play in November if he makes it to that point. Als are in evaluation mode now. Sure they would take a home playoff game but they know that's not realistic. Really salvaging the season for Montreal now rests of what they manage to accomplish in the post season.

how I remember having such high hopes for ware, sigh

Week 16 and they still dont know if they have any QBs. Spin the wheel again.

Without enough game film to fill their prep time, I'd suggest that Orlondo sit his troops down for 4 minutes, every day, with the youtube highlight reel provided here by gerbear9. It makes it very clear that they'll be up against an extremely elusive, speedy, and accurate long-ball throwing QB, who'll have a lot more space, in which to escape pursuit, than he had back then.

Ricky Ray anyone? Maas went down with Injury and Rick Stepped in and never looked back

Ricky ray, darian Durant, Casey printers, drew tate ( often injured, but he plays great when he does) , some might say Reilly.

These guys were good right away.

Awesome force? Ray and printers led their teams to grey cup appearances in their first years. Durant in his second.

I don't think Ricky Williams was a bust, he had a pretty good season in Toronto and then returned to Miami and had a few good seasons with the Dolphins.

[quote="-Hammer-"]It’s very rare that you have a young QB suddenly become an awesome force in the CFL. I mean apart from maybe Travis Lulay, I can’t remember the last time the next great young QB that didn’t suffer a sophomore slump or sputtered off and on during the start of their career.

8) Chuck Ealey would be the exception to that statement.
 Ealey comes to Hamilton in 1972, and plays sensational in his rookie season, leading the Cats to a Grey Cup victory !!

  Ealey had a great career at Toledo, and he sure lived up to his press clippings with Hamilton.  (his rookie season, anyway)  <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Montreal's top English language football reporter, Herb Zurkowsky of the Gazette on Smith preparing for his first CFL start:

[url=http://blogs.montrealgazette.com/2013/10/17/smith-has-strong-arm-but-can-he-win/]http://blogs.montrealgazette.com/2013/1 ... an-he-win/[/url]

I figure the owner may have had a say in the decision.

Als need to win sunday to secure a home playoff game and help fill his coffers. Cats already know Neiswander and he's becoming a bit too predictable. Also might help sell a few more tix for sunday just to watch him play.

Fans were asking why Smith didn't stay longer against Winnipeg so it seems like it's worth a shot. The question will be how long of a leash Jim will have on him.

It seems a little premature to start evaluating a player in such a key position at a point in the season where the games still mean very much. Montreal could actually still catch Hamilton so why tinker with their continuity until their final position in the standings is locked. It's almost as if Popp has abandoned this season.

Maybe they like what they see in practice.