QB Tre Ford ready to put in the work for a CFL team

TORONTO — Tre Ford knows that to be a professional football player, you have to make good decisions and put in the work.

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Really? He's ready now? Or at least when the combine was in town. It's nice to see that he could join the party.

He should be ready every morning he wakes up and gets out of bed. Personally, when someone comes out and makes statements like that, I interpret it to mean the opposite. And why did he not take part in all the drills at the recent combine? From my understanding, he didn't run the 40. And I don't even care why he didn't. Oh yeah, he had that one moment in time in Buffalo.

If you want to be a pro, you damn well better be ready to jump through every hoop that is placed in front of you, and then ask for more, just in case someone wasn't paying attention. And jump through them with enthusiasm and a work ethic that doesn't get missed or questioned. He wants to be ready. He may think he's ready.

My hunch - and it's only a hunch - is that he was asked, in interviews, how he felt about converting to a receiver, more times than what he was prepared for. That can be unnerving.

-- “I think I’m a really hard worker on and off the field,” Ford told CFL.ca at the CFL.ca Combine presented by New Era last month --

It sounds like he's applying for a job at Tim Hortons.

Son, your actions speak so loudly that people can't hear what you're saying!

Get in the game already! Yeah, I want to see this kid play quarterback as a pro, and not be relegated to another position on special teams, etc.

Apparently, Ford was invited to participate in the Baltimore Ravens rookie minicamp. It doesn’t mean they will sign him and they also invited an Oregon QB so I have no idea how that might affect his CFL draft prospects.


Yes I am a Ravens fan and noticed the invite but not familiar with Ford's play and abilities. If he performs well, the Ravens may sign him for developmental purposes but it will all be up to Ford then. We will see but I would believe that he ends up in the CFL in the future.


He's very athletic. Runs a 40 yrd in under 4.5. A ton of reps on the bench press for a QB, and he's not very big.

The level of competition he faced in college here in Canada will be considerable different than what he'll face in the Raven's camp.

In my earlier post I'm already questioning his work ethic so I'm not holding my breath, but would very much like to see him succeed.

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Happy to see Tre Ford come up to Edmonton and compete in the CFL instead of accepting an invite to the NY Giants as a positionless player. Reminds me of how the NFL tried to make Warren Moon a receiver. Could be a mistake by the NFL and a win for the CFL for once.