QB Tracker: Breaking down pre-season playing time

TORONTO — One of the most intriguing storylines of the CFL pre-season is how various teams utilize their pivots. Some head coaches elect to limit the play of their veteran quarterbacks and take a look at the youngsters while others feel the more reps the better.

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Interesting enough to watch as this fills out, but they'll have to keep the link from falling down the list.

Preseason....looks like BLM is up to his old tricks. 2 interceptions!

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Mtl-same 3 as last year. Ottawa-Moore out. Edm-Arbuckle, Cornelius, Ford, Locksley may end up on PR. Ham-Evans, Shiltz. Tor-McBeth, looks like Kelly's in. Wpg-looks like Brown is #2. BC-two Cdns only sure thing. Calgary-Bo 3 for 10, 2 INT's. Still #1, Maier #2 but Stamps have questions @ QB.

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Yeah, 3 for 10 for 37 yards and two interceptions. Arguably the worst pre season performance of any QB yet. I’m thinking that a broadcasting career is imminent.

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Stamps/BC game was most interesting to me. BC brought a who's who of who's who - 50 in total with mostly unrecognizable names. How do you judge your newbies when you don't have a smattering of veterans around? Stamps had 90 available so score was not unpredictable.

Despite 41 pts the Stamps' collective QB rating was 33.04. Less yds offence than BC, under 300 yds. I'd say both these teams, coming out of the weekend, have more questions than anyone. BC hosts SK, Edm hosts CAL this week. Might get a feel on the 2 clubs then. You'd think a 41-6 beatdown would tell you a lot about the 2 teams. Have no idea if the Stamps are good or bad based upon this game. The score says great but the underlying stats tell a completely different story.

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Yeah. Good analysis. I didn’t see the game but the stats did seem way out of whack with the score.

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What a crappy way to get hurt for Kevin Thompson. It's pre-season for crying out loud, no call for that stuff. No call for it in the regular season either. But I guess that's how the Stamps want people to play them. As usual its oh well when it happens to the other guy and a travesty if it happens to Bo or Jake, even when they invite it by doing that stuff.

Anyway, Kai Locksley showed well for the Elks. 9 of 11 and moved the ball well. Arbuckle looked like the starter, no doubt, 9 of 10 and a couple touchdowns. Didn't see a lot of Ford but didn't expect to either. 1 of 3 passing and 17 yards running.
Cornelius is the wildcard. Fairly obvious he didn't get much help last season which makes it tough for him.

Kinda hard to read whats going to happen but I guess we will see....

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Kevin Thompson getting hurt was actually predictable. Not because the Stamps had more practices or because they played dirty. Look at the BC depth chart from yesterday. Except for maybe Phil Norman, the Lions did not play their first sting OL at all. It is not like BC has been known to have a solid OL these last few years.

That always comes back to haunt them......and Dickenson will never figure out why that keeps happening.

Nice compilation. So 1/2 played starting qb. I’m surprised. I always though it had become lower than that in the first of two pre-season games. Interesting. I’m in favour of playing your starter a bit in both games personally.
I’m being lazy. But I’d be curious who the home teams were. Calgary obviously.
Edit: just checked. Home or away is no indicator to trend. Which rams there is no trend. Just a coaches philosophy.

Damn it Jim, BLM's a washed up QB! He's not a magician!!! :laughing:

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Re: Kevin Thomson injury...it’s not tiddlywinks, it’s pro football. To complain about his injury, well...it’s a fine whine.