QB that started in NFL

I think Tee Martin started for the Steelers, first and last game of his NFL career.

who cares if their starters in the cfl, if there a back up then thats even more impressive

Erik Krammer any one remember him. He had a stint in those bad eighties for the Stamps he was the guy getting pigeon holed through the offense line. Man I do not remember a QB that got so beat up in the bakc field as he did. He started ayear later for Detroit Lions.

Kerry Joseph started in the NFL!
(sorry I know you mean as QB but I just had to throw it out there)

Warren Moon

  1. Dieter Brock (Winnipeg) led L.A. rams to playoffs
  2. JOe Kapp (BC Lions) led Minnesota Vikings to Super Bowl game
  3. Sean Salisbury (Winnipeg) played for Minnesota
  4. Joe Theisman (Toronto) led Washington to Super Bowl game twice.
  5. Tobin Rote (Toronto)
  6. Warren Moon (Edmonton) led Houston to conference titles.
  7. Jeff Garcia - (Calgary) San Fran and Cleveland
  8. Flutie- Chicago, New England , Buffalo, San Diego
  9. Sam Etcheverry (Montreal) -
  10. Tommy Clemens-

others- ????????????????????