That's Hamilton QB Tate Forcier.

Sorry if anyone thought I meant someone else. :wink:

Haha! :wink:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Well, at least Burris isn't looking at another Tate in the rearview mirror.

And no surprise after watching Wednesday's game.

Good. Was surprised they even gave that guy a chance seeing how his stock kept dropping in the college ranks, and his performance left much to be desired to say the very least.

Hank should never have to compete for his spot. Just ask him.

Not with Nealon, Tate nor anyone else or he'll go cry.

lots of ego on that ticat team.. is their enough room in the huddle for burris and coburnes ego? not so sure.

Just get the feeling, the ticats are gonna struggle. Call it a hunch but i feel they are destined to be .500 or worse.

Coburn won championships behind a vetern QB. If Burris can remind him who's in charge of the offense then Hamilton will be successful.

I have not seen anything from Hank like than so far, and actually he’s been pretty humble. The man has skill that we have been in need of from our qb for a long time and I believe he will make us a better team and a much better than .500 but well have to wait and see. Avon backs up his talk and I see no issue as he proved last year he has game.

Good one Big Dave.....You made me look!

Is this the low class Ticat fans u talk about in ur blue bomber posts? Burris ego is nothing compared to yours boy.

Good post title, knew it wasn't Drew Tate but u had to look.

And my guy will soon be qb ing the Stamps