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Basing things solely on the production (yards and points) I think the position will provide for the teams in 2009, here’s how I’d sort the QB situations around the league:

  1. Calgary
  2. Edmonton
  3. Montreal
  4. B.C.
  5. Hamilton
  6. Toronto
  7. Saskatchewan
8) Winnipeg

I'm a little puzzled as to Hamilton and Toronto being ranked higher than Sask. Is a veteran really that important?

I just don't think that Hamilton has a better QB team than Sask. I'm actually a pretty big fan of Richie Williams, but I don't think that Porter / Williams / Tafralis / Glenn stack up better than Durant / Jyles / Bell.

A vet is pretty important, so it isn't surprising to see Sask near the bottom. However, I'd move Calgary to at least 3rd. Burris isn't as good as either Ray or Calvillo and Calgary has nobody of note backing up. Some people like Healey--based largely on his prformance against BC in the final game last year. The guy completed one pass in a half of football. Makes him a star I guess....
I am not a fan of Maas, but he is still better today than all the Calgary back-ups have thus far proven to be. And as being unproven plummets Sask to near the bottom, some consistancy seems in order. McPherson also seems like a better (at least as good) prospect for Montreal than anyone Calgary has, therefore...
Toronto should be 4th. KJ is twice the QB that Buck has proven to be so far. And while in his blurb about JJ, Bedell seems enamored, actual onfield performance seems to suggest JJ is a decent back-up but not starter material. Hamilton seems about right. Porter looked good. I like Williams as well. But having Glenn to potentially start, but for sure back-up gives them the edge over Sask and Winnipeg. Winnipeg is for sure at the bottom.
I am a big Durant fan, and if he plays to expectations, he can move the Riders up that list quickly.(same can be said for Porters or Lefors) But right now, it is a fair assessment to have the Riders near the bottom. You need to prove you can be a good QB,not just be expected to be good.

I tend to agree with that list. Only 3 teams have proven QBs who are doing well. Kerry Joseph has potential but needs a lot more help this year! Do we even have to go there with Saskatchewan and Winterpeg?
My main hope is Bucky'll stay healthy all year. If he does, watch out everybody! :smiley: If not, our D will get plenty of playing time...

When all else fails, I like to use cold hard stats to rate players. Here is my QB MVP Index: Rating each player's value considering their passer ratings, experience, overall performance during games and potential to win.

HAM 185: Glenn 75; Porter 50; Williams 35; Trafalis 25; Betts; Meyers
CAL165: Burris 90; Sankey 30; Nealy 20; D'Orazio 15; Proctor 10
EDM 160: Ray 100; Maas 60
BC 150: Pierce 70; Jackson 65; Champion 15
MTL 135: Cavillo 95; Banks 20; McPherson 15; Leak 5; Santos; Roach
TOR 130: Joseph 80; Pickett 35; McNeal 15
WPG 85: Dinwiddie 30; LeFors 30; Randall 25;
SASK 75: Durant 40; Jyles 35; Bell

Wow! The stats don't lie, Hamilton (185) should win the Cup!! But with all seriousness folks, all of the Hamilton QB's have shown well when given the opportunity. Porter is slated to be the starter, with an experienced and productive Glenn ready to step in if needed. Richie Williams has looked great at times and Adam Trafalis has also moved the ball when given the chance.

Calgary (165) comes in next with the savvy Burris and a host of young backups with talent. Not sure if Sankey will make the team, but he has been very steady when called upon. D'Orazio was a very highly rated QB in the Arena league with experience.

Edmonton (160) is of course, near the top with the CFL's best QB in Ricky Ray. Maas is a capable backup who has shown he can win. The Esks must have somebody else, but his identity is unknown at press time.

BC (150) sneaks in at number four with the emerging duo of B. Pierce and J. Jackson. Both have proven they can win in this league and have plenty of upside. Zac Champion scored a spectacular TD last year in his abbreviated playing time.

Many might of rated Montreal (135) higher, but after the consistently effective Cavillo, there is a big dropoff to...forget about 'em! The Als, as usual, desperately need a backup and QOTF.

Some might scoff at Toronto's (130) weak showing, but even with Joseph having a bounce-back season, there will be pressure on Cody Pickett to perform. He showed well, then not so well, in limited playing time, but has size and potential. McNeal did some good things too, but his future may be more on the wide side.

And now the also rans.

Winnipeg (85) has got to be kidding me! Is that the best starter they can come up with? Even if LeFors stood on his head, it would be amazing if they could win 8 games this year. Ryan Dinwiddie has performed similarily when given the opportunity. Bryan Randall might be the best of the bunch, but would need a couple of years of seasoning to become an effective QB. I guess this is a rebuilding year for the Bombers, but I hope they have the building blocks.

Hard to figure Saskatchewan (75) going with no experienced QB on the roster. D. Durant looked great for a couple games, then struggled at bit. Ditto S. Jyles who looked great sporadically, but has had a bigger downtime. I can't believe they will go into the season without acquiring a seasoned QB.

[url=http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/2009/03/behind-the-stats-qb-completion-percentage/]http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/200 ... ercentage/[/url]
I based much of my evaluation around the theories of Marc Trestman, head coach of the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League, who said there are four “qualities? a quarterback needs to have a shot at being successful in the NFL.
  1. The quarterback needs to have the ability to make all the throws required to attack a defense on every play. This includes the arm strength to throw the deep out, the feel to drop a deep ball into a receiver’s hands down the field, the touch to hit a running back out of the backfield, etc.  
  2. Quarterbacks need to be able to make quick and decisive decisions under pressure. You not only want an intelligent quarterback in the pocket but also a quarterback who has the instincts to feel pressure and create a play when things break down.
  3. The quarterback needs to be mobile in some capacity and have an ability to avoid the rush in one of three ways: 

A. The ability to side-step pressure in the pocket.
B. The ability to get outside the pocket and accurately deliver the ball on the move.
C. The ability to scramble and gain yards beyond the line of scrimmage.

  1. The quarterback must be tough and be able to stare down the barrel of the shotgun, take a hit, get up and do it again. It takes a special type of player who can take a shot, dust himself off and rally his team on the next play, but the quarterback needs that type of quality.</blockquote>

If we put aside Burris, KJ, Ray, and Calvillo -- most of the other guys can play. When you look at Pickett, Porter, Williams, Dinwiddie, LeFors, Durant, Jyles, Pierce, and Jackson. There's not really a whole lot seperating them.

Even using Xvys cooked-up numbers. Porter ( 50 ) Williams ( 35 ) Pierce ( 70 ) Jackson ( 65 ) Pickett ( 35 ) Dinwiddie ( 30 ) LeFors ( 30 ) Durant ( 40 ) Jyles ( 35 ) -- They might as well all be equal.

Even using Xvys cooked-up numbers. Porter ( 50 ) Williams ( 35 ) Pierce ( 70 ) Jackson ( 65 ) Pickett ( 35 ) Dinwiddie ( 30 ) LeFors ( 30 ) Durant ( 40 ) Jyles ( 35 ) -- They might as well all be equal.
Jarius Jackson has thrown 35 TD passes and Buck Pierce 24 TDs over the past two seasons. Buck has a 70% career passing average. The other QB's listed would be hard pressed to match that number in career TDs between them. That's why the BC pair are rated higher. Porter comes out on top of the new crop with his monster 500+ yd road game last season...very rare for a raw rookie QB. The rest are about equal, but Durant has played better more consistently than the other newcomers.

I'd put Edmonton ahead of Calgary....Everything else looks good.

...I wonder where Bedell would place the Bombers IF Printers signs on with the BigBlue...... :lol: :lol: ..a little premature aren't you Jack :lol: :lol: but then some of his calls on ,who did best in free agency, were a little skeptical at best..... so not surprising :lol:

Gotta agree with you there papa - I thought his free agency analysis and mock draft we're completely off base, so I don't know how I'd rate this. I guess I do agree with the post above that breaks the QBs down by value - and agree in principle with his ranking based on FULL ROTATION. For example, while KJ is not the 6th best QB in the league (more like 4th after Ray-Calvillo-Burris) - the Toronto rotation IS weaker than a team like Hamilton or BC.

He'd probably rate Winnipeg better with Printers, but those Bombers better steer clear of that poison. They've got enough to be concerned with without dabbling in that.

Just working in the present Papa. IF they sign Printers, I might change my mind, but I really doubt it. I think LeFors would find the field either way. He's more durable and more consistent than Printers.

Those rankings weren't meant to denigrate anyone, by the way. I was basing it on pure production from the position. I wasn't trying to guess which guy was "better." That can't be done, IMO. Joseph could very well be better than someone ranked above him while still racking fewer yards in his offence.

As you guys know, it's all guess work at this time, and I'm just putting my takes out there. When I'm wrong, I'll be the first one to step up and declare myself an idiot. Promise...

If you sign Printers, would that drop you to 9th?

///// :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:...JACK WOULDN'T BE THAT MEAN//// :lol: :lol:.....or would he... :lol:

Don't you mean 10th? I think Ottawa's QB would be rated higher! :lol: :lol: :lol:

That's pretty funny right there!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Had to inject some humour Jack. The Ti-cat posters on the Ti-cat thread are all up in arms cause you didn't rate them higher. (Porter ahead of Cavillo :roll: :roll: )

Contrary to the critics Jack, I liked your article. :thup:

I don't know why they are upset.. shouldn't Porter have to prove that he is better than Calvillo to be ranked higher? I would put Toronto ahead of Hamilton. If the new coaching staff uses Joseph correctly, they are more than likely more than good enough to take second place in the East. Other than the Als the East looks very weak again. The X factor being Joseph. If he can bounce back from last year, the Argos finish in second quite handily.

Now that's cruel Sporty. Now you are ranking the Atlantic Schooner QBs ahead of Winnipeg.....

Winnipeg has a QB?

I absolutely agree Zevious. So, using the latest data and most advanced scientific methods on the planet, here it is. THE QB rankings in the CFL. To clarify, a starter is worth from 24--17 points, 2nd string is 16--9, and 3rd is 8-1. 4th string doesn't count because if a team is playing their 4th string QB, they are dead anyway.

Drum roll please.......
Bombers---42 points.
Stamps--41. Als are second by virtue of 1st place points for their starter.

The HAT has spoken........

Makes sense. Why wouldn't you rate a raw rookie ahead of the reigning league MOP and a guy who quite possibly will finish his career as the all-time passing leader.....?