QB starter tomorrow is.....

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#Ticats quarterback Jacory Harris gets the start on Saturday versus. #Redblacks. #CFL

Good! I am anxious to see what Harris can accomplish. :thup:
Hopefully the Special Teams and Defense can give him some points and a lot of short fields to work with! :rockin:

anxious is not the word i'd choose lol

we need yah Money!

boot us to victory

I've gotten the impression from Austin's comments during the week that we might see both QBs with Masoli possibly inserted for some packages. I'm not surprised though that Harris is starting. Hope that they don't give short yardage - especially at the goal line- to Masoli. Mathews is the best short yardage QB we've had for a while and of course he isn't available, so hopefully Jacory can punch the ball across the goal line if needed or pick up those short distances for FDs.

Sometimes backups come up big, teams rally around each other when they have to. He may not be a starter but never count a player out.

amen to that sir. keep ol fumbletits off the field

As his third season in the CFL comes to an end, he's got an 80% regular season completion rate.
(His only regular season action, though, was last Sunday (4/5 - 60 yds.)
I, too, am looking forward to seeing him play and am glad he's the choice to start the game.

It sure sounds like Harris is also anxious to see what he can accomplish! :rockin:

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 2h2 hours ago
#Ticats QB Jacory Harris 1/2: "Time to play football now. No more scout team reps, no more red jacket on the sidelines."

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 2h2 hours ago
#Ticats QB Jacory Harris 2/2: "That jacket was comfortable & we've had some great games, some great signals together. Time to pass it on."

is that Drew saying this to Harris? the second quote cant be unless Drew knows Jacory more then he has told

im so confused. ive got a 16year old I should know this stuff right?

It is Drew quoting Jacory on twitter, twitter only allows 140 letters per message, so he split in 2, hence the 1/2 and then 2/2

It would read without the letter limit

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 2h2 hours ago
#Ticats QB Jacory Harris "Time to play football now. No more scout team reps, no more red jacket on the sidelines."
"That jacket was comfortable & we've had some great games, some great signals together. Time to pass it on."

There, now you have moved into Mensa level twitter IQ 8)

Maybe this is an indication he expects to play the next 3 or 4 games.

A Game report from Drew Edwards

Ticats QB Jacory Harris on the move (though not necessarily on the run)

[b]Before Jacory Harris makes his first career start at quarterback for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Saturday, he’d like to clear one thing up: he’s not a running quarterback.

“Most black guys are labelled running quarterbacks: it’s a stereotype I get all the time,? Harris said, chuckling. “I do have the ability to run but I’d rather deliver it to the receivers and leave it to them.?

With Jeff Mathews out with a concussion suffered in last Sunday’s loss to the Redblacks, head coach Kent Austin has decided to go with Harris over Jeremiah Masoli – whose been with the team one year longer and started single game last game – after the two split reps in practice last week.

Austin said Harris is somewhere on the quarterback continuum between the exceedingly mobile Zach Collaros (out for the season with a knee injury) an a pure pocket passer like Mathews.

“Jacory earned the back up position for a reason,? Austin said. “He’s tall, he’s got a live arm and he’s accurate but he can also get out of trouble.?

Masoli, who has been used situationally in each of the last two seasons, could still see some action or if Harris struggles.

“Depends on the complexion on the game,? Austin said. “I’m not going to tule out any possibility.?

The Ticats head into Saturday’s re-match with Ottawa – they lost 12-6 last Sunday – needing to win six or more points to secure first place in the East, which would earn them a week off and a first-round playoff bye. A loss or a victory by five or less and the Ticats host the semi-final against the Toronto Argonauts on Nov. 15 at Tim Hortons Field.

“The goal of winning of first place but we cant lose sight of the fact that we’re trying to put ourselves in the best possible position when it comes to performing in the playoffs,? Austin said.

The first game of the home-and-home between these two teams fraught with controversy: Ottawa quarterback Henry Burris took exception to a hit by Hamilton linebacker Simoni Lawrence, sparking a war of words between the former teammates. The CFL said this week the play was clean, though Lawrence was fined for his comments which were both critical of the officiating and derogatory to women (he apologized for both.)

Burris, meanwhile, says its all in the past. Unless it isn’t.

“Once that game was over, I forgot all about it. I don’t even remember what was said,? Burris said Friday. “Both teams know the best way to truly get back at somebody is to go out and get a victory. That’s the statement that will be heard.?

The game was also marred by two officiating blunders on a key fourth quarter interception return that would have given the Ticats a late lead. The CFL acknowledged this week that both flags were thrown in error and the touchdown should have stood.

Austin – no stranger to dealing with distraction, injury and controversy in his nearly three seasons in Hamilton – says it’s up to his team to block out the noise.

“All they are is distractions and we don’t want to focus on that stuff. We try not to,? Austin said. “All that stuff is just a bunch of nonsense.?

Harris certainly has other things to worry about. Saturday’s start will be his first since 2012, when he was a senior at the University of Miami. He started this season as the No. 3 quarterback on the depth chart – Masoli was banished to the practice roster – whose main job was to wear a red jacket on the sidelines and pass along play-calling information.

“That jacket was comfortable and we’ve had some great games, some great signals together,? Harris said, still laughing. “But it’s time to play football now.?

Notes: Austin said there’s no timetable for Mathews’ return. “We’ll just have to wait and see how things go,? he said… the Ticats added Mitchell Gale, the quarterback they signed this week, to the roster as the No. 3.[/b]

TSN play-by-play: Rod Black and Duane Forde.

Referee: Al Bradbury.

The weather forecast: partly cloudy, 9 degrees, 40 per cent chance of rain, winds 15 km/h out of the west.

Much more here

[url=http://3downnation.com/2015/11/06/ticats-qb-jacory-harris-on-the-move-though-not-necessarily-on-the-run/]http://3downnation.com/2015/11/06/ticat ... n-the-run/[/url]

Have discovered my numbers were wrong. I don't recall Harris getting into a game, other than at the end of last week. But, he must have as this is the only season when he saw any action, other than in the pre-season, and his career totals are actually 11/17 passing for 119 yds. and 1 run for 7. While he hasn't thrown a TD pass in the CFL, he also hasn't thrown an interception.

I remember Harris coming in for a few plays towards the end of game...but darned if I can remember whether it was earlier this season or last season.
What I did notice then..and last week...is that the pace seems to pick up when he comes in. He showed confidence both times despite being in an almost no-win situation.
I'm glad to see he he is starting!

His first appearance was that Edmonton game when Collaros got hurt. He fumbled, but didn't throw a pick, which I guess is good? Gotta look for the positives. :stuck_out_tongue: