QB some food for thought.

Masoli has earned the right to be the starting QB. The run & Shoot June Jones Offense is a bit different.
Not a huge fan of the AAF but but QB Garrett Gilbert is excelling under the Steve Spurrier Spread offense.
Gilbert played started for two years at SMU. His Coach. June Jones. & Gilbert excelled under the same run & shoot offense that Jones runs in Hamilton.
Masoli will be 31 this summer. Gilbert will be 28.
Masoli is a smaller 5’11 and can RUN in the Run & Shoot.
Where Gilbert is a bigger 6’4" and a stronger arm to THROW in the shoot part of run & shoot.
I gota think that June Jones is watching & may already have Gilbert on the CFL secret neg list.
I dont think there would be a QB controversey. But having a good backup that can start is better than 1 QB & a crapshoot #2.
Over a loong grulling 18 game pro CFL season. Injuries at QB can be devastating.
Condidering Masoli was under contract & making a decent Salary its not in that 600 to 700 K range.
So there is room to sign a Gilbert for a potential 150 or there abouts.
Which is more than AAF. As for the 3 year deals in the AAF. That applies for every other league excrpt the NFL. Im very doubtful that any player will be able to get out of said 3 yr deal after this 1st AAF season. W/o much effort.

There is not room under our current cap situation. We’re in fairly tight now as it is.

Some interesting points there, Steve . I watched some of the Snow Bowl last night in Salt Lake . In 20 minutes of viewing, I didn’t see one shot of the fans in the stands . It was their 2nd home game and it was 0C and snow . I can’t imagine fans wanting to sit/stand through games in the winter and watch a bad team .

At least in the summer and fall, fans can have a couple of adult beverages and sit in the sun . Winter football just doesn’t seem right .

Pat Lynch (the senior meteorologist and bartender)

I’ve read on other threads people stating that we’re close to the SMS cap. How do you find this out? Do you have access to a list of contracts that’s posted somewhere? I’d really like to see it. Would be interesting to compare with other teams by position.

The Cap will be going up, they start negotiations for the new CBA next week

I suspect that the Cap will be at or near the top of the CFLPA agenda


There may be no more than 2 or 3 AAF teams left by the end of their season judging by the almost non-existent crowds at some games. So your man Gilbert could be looking at the NFL…or the XFL when it returns next year.

Marc Trestman will be the new HC of the Tampa Bay XFL team so he may be looking for QB talent.

Gilbert is the only AAF QB who may get a look in the NFL, based on his play in the AAF.

I didn’t know about the June Jones connection. I’m sure Jones is aware that Gilbert is playing well, and has informed Allemang and Burke that he is another player to consider bringing up here. You can never have enough QB talent. And if Masoli wants a huge payday to sign an extension…

Probably a high priority. I am now of the impression that Trestman does dramatically better with an experienced, quality QB than he does if needing to use a developing QB. Not to say that is not true of many coaches, but I previously thought of Trestman as some kind of “QB whisperer? who had a unique ability to make-over, improve, or develop players at that position.

He didn’t exactly have alot of time to develop anyone in Toronto.
I think MBT would have been a good one if Trestman had some more time with him.

Maybe running out of time was all it was Crash. But after Ray went down, Trestman and the Argos seemed lost. I understand he had some personal issues as well, but at his age, who doesn’t have similar family issues to deal with?

I guess I’m thinking his time in Chicago and Toronto kind of deflated my estimation? I suppose that’s on me, not necessarily on Trestman.

Like I said just a lil food for thought. Gilbert was just the only QB in the Awful Alliance of Football. That i could see making the transition to CFL. & June Jones & Hamilton is that fit.
Remember Gillbert started for the Texas Longhorns at one point.
& June Jones was the one who got him to SMU where he was able to get him to the NFL.
Now similar situation with Hamilton & CFL

Ya. He kinda Road AC like a thoroughbred Race horse. But he didnt or Couldnt develop another QB to replace him. Ya he won with Ricky Ray whom he didnt develop. & didnt develop any QBs in any league since. So maybe he should be known as the AC whisperer.
Milanovich seems to really be the QB whisper. Look at all the guys he has developed in several leagues & Teams. Also he was the QB coach in Montreal for alot of ACs time