QB Situation

Here we go.
Today Zack Collaros took First team snaps for the Bombers.
Streveler. MIA from practice.
Stay tuned

The only way for this to happen is that Strev is really hurt. OR he just needs a break. …I’m rethinking and the last week bye may just be what the doctor ordered. A two week rest before the playoffs. Can we string together three on the road wins ? We’ve got the personnel. We need to be angry out there. Shake hands at the end of the year. Be nasty.

I gota agree with ya 100%.
Strev does need a HIGE break.
Hopefully the injury isnt that serious that it puts him on the Shelf for the playoffs.
They got Collaros for just this reason. As some insurance at QB.
So its time to get their insurance policy a look rite now.
They are still a run first team. So still run with Harris but also us Augustine to rotate into the game as to keep Harris fresh.
Give the stamps a duo of pounding RBs for the whole game.
Let Calgary know that HEY. We can still beat ya come playoff time.

Right on !

Zach was 2 - 0 as starter against Calgary last year, and 49/69 (71%) passing for 622 yards and no picks. So there’s that for what it’s worth.

The other thing about Collaros is he is much like Matt Nichols at this point of his career. A seasoned vet.
“A Game Manager” as the term goes.
He has seen many a playbook in his time as a pro QB. A guy like Collaros can get the playbook and termonalgy down very quickly.
The run heavy offense of the Bombers would suit him perfectly. Like it did Nichols.

I there any word yet if Streveler is backing up or is he completely out of the game?

Chris Streveler won’t even be suiting up. He’s sitting out the game entirely.

Merci !

Great game so far. Go Zack!
Great runback on missed convert!

Yay for Zach!

Make that 3 - 0.

Uh ohhh the bombers & Collaros just threw a monkey wrench into the stamps plans for week 21.

Great game last night. I’m glad I stayed up till 1:30am to see it all…Zach made a great comeback and now should be considered to be here for good if they can sign him. The one thing over Nichols is his scrambling ability. Both very accurate QBs though.

While it was a good game, I tried to enjoy it in spite of 2 or 3 offsides by Cal not called, the unending holding by Cal(only one called), the hit by Maston called but not the one by McCalim and the skip off the turf catch to set up the Cal TD just before end of the 2nd quarter…Other than that it was a really good game. Too bad Strev couldn’t have won for us the game before.

Imagine how important those two games(4 points) against Tor and Mont are now. We would be in the driver’s seat right now instead of depending on others to determine where we play. We need to be DOMINANT !

What was a Rider fan opinion on the head shot he took? Honestly, you put the one from early in the season side by side with the one from last night, and I don’t see much of a difference.
That and a few other calls really got me pissed last night.

Thankfully we prevailed, and while the big scramble, toss and beauty catch was the highlight of the game, also critical was the defensive stand at the end, the shortyardage plays by McGuire (loved that toss on the 2nd & 1), and the last run by Harris which put us in Medlock territory.

Great way to finish the season and go 8-1 at home for the 1st time ever!

There were sure some dangerous shots out there.
He was great though. Another good move by BB GM.

I thought the big hit Zack took should have been called for sure. Yes Zack needs to slide earlier, but the defender definitely led with his helmet and made no attempt to miss him once he started to slide. IMO, he was trying to take his head-off. Calgary continues to get the most benefit of the doubt compared to any of the teams in the CFL…it BS!

There was some definite physicality…we kind of let them hit us in the 1st half, but I thought we gave it back in the 2nd. I’d expect the same (if not more) in a couple weeks.
DD sure didn’t like it when we ramped it up…I want to see us set the tone next time though.

One thing I will say is that yes Several missed penalties on the Stamps.

On the other hand. The last couple weeks the Stamps had quite a few turnovers as well as some undisciplined penalties that were called.
Bo Levi Has been running off at the mouth in the media.

Uncharacterstic of the Stamps.

Obviously. Not coasting into the end of the season with 1st place locked up has them rattled.

Losing TWO WEEKS down the stretch now to Montreal & now the bombers that could have helped them clinch also has them rattled now. For sure.
They cant control there own destiny now.
Now they are headed into BC.
Reilly or no Reilly. The Lions really turned things around wen it seemed all was lost.
I know they would love to play spoiler to the Stamps.
We shall see.

Alas, it looks like we are going into McMahon first and then to the Regina bassinet and then back to McMahon. That’s how I see it anyway.

Two weeks to rest and decide who is going to start. I say start Strev and pound the ball. Then when they adjust, we give Zach the reins to close the curtains. This will get us to the cup.

We have all the tools to win and more. There are no excuses for failure this time.