QB situation

Isn't it nice for a change, Als fans, to have something to talk about in terms of backup QBs instead of spending our time slagging Ted White?

Anyway, the muddled situation is now a bit clearer with the release of Quincy Carter.

Here's how I see it shaking down, what do you guys think?

I think we'll keep one of the rookies as 3d string (financial reasons) and park the other one on the practice roster.

That leaves Brady and Greene fighting for the #2 slot, the loser getting released (or perhaps traded if another team runs into a slew of QB injuries in camp).

While it might be nice to have AC, Brady, and Greene on the active roster, I don't think financially it makes much sense, particularly since neither of the backups will get much playing time anyway.

I couldn't have been happier when Greene left the Riders, however I would still love to see him on the field every now and then (for another team), he would be a good back-up

AC, Greene, McBrien is my choice !

Now, let's see how many time in game situation, 2nd & 3rd string guys get the ball !

My bet: maybe 4-5 times for the whole year ! That will not help if AC goes down

Why do I have that 2004 East Final game in my head playing over & over again....

Each time I buy my GC tickets/plane/hotel in advance, my team gets "shafted". Let's hope the "curse" will not happen again !