QB situation

With Lulay out again what is the current status of Glenn?

Is Beck ready?

Lions Grey Cup host this year ... this is not looking good.

Barring the other western teams suffering key injuries I don't see the Lions being in the Grey Cup this year. In fact they may not even make it into the playoffs.

I don't see Lulay returning this season. I'm no doctor but I am not surprised one bit what happened to Lulay in the game against Ottawa. The injury he suffered a year ago was significant to the point of requiring surgery. He recovered and "healed" but I doubt he will ever be 100% like he was before the injury. This is not a game where "as long as the QB is not hit" he'll be just fine. I'm sure he has healed but with surgery, scar tissue and the location of the injury could he ever return the pre-injury status. I doubt it.

My guess is he was probably advised not to return to the sport he loves because his chances of re-injuring the same shoulder were high. He took the chance and lost.

Travis Lulay is a great athlete and will go down fighting to his last breath. Benevides says the injury is similar to what happened last time. In my opinion that was a soft way of telling the fans, "Oh oh, prepare for the worst". I think the MRI he will be having is to not only see the extent of the damage but also to determine whether his career is over. I think it is.

Glenn will be play out the rest of the season I believe. He is a good leader and he will continue to serve the team well. He is good but not as good as Travis Lulay. He is a meat and potatoes kind of QB who can get the job done and win a lot of games. When he's hot he's unstoppable. When he's cold he becomes color blind and throws the ball to the defensive backs covering the receivers.

Beck is healthy and can step in when needed. The more playing time he gets the better he will get as his confidence goes up. How much better Beck will be I don't know.

Will the Lions finish much better than 4th in the West? Hmmm…. Given that they could not score a TD against the worst team in the CFL I wouldn't count on it. The west is just too strong this year.

I’m for Beck stepping in. Doubt that will happen.

Players get injured all the time, but for some reason, Lulay’s injury this time has caused some very somber reactions.

His injury has impacted his team mates - Andew Harris said he was sickened/saddened when he saw Lulay injured. Caravetta was emotional talking about Lulay today on TEAM 1040. I think it was Barry Deley on Global sports complemented Lulay - class guy and comparable to the Sedins in representing sports in Vancouver - sounded like a pre-emptive tribute.

I’ve been overly critical of Lulay in the past, but always thought he was a class act and never questioned his heart. Always positive in interviews, an incredible leader for the Lions and a QB that, IMO, hasn’t reached full potential yet with many more seasons in him. He’s good for the league and for the city of Vancouver. I understand he’ll have a MRI on Tuesday and certainly hope for the best for him.

Well never say never because we've seen guys like Rob Bagg come back. But yea, at the moment it doesn't look good. Let's hope for the best for Travis.

Ya really a sad situation my heart goes out to the Lulay family , he was a class act all the way . I think some bad news will happen and Lulay year is done, possibly his career maybe the Lions will keep him on as QB coach.

BC still has better quarterback depth than other teams. Former NFLer Beck has highest efficency rating for a quarterback in CFL. Without Lulay, BC offense has improved in average yards which is better than in 2013.

Beagle my friend football always has its twist and turns. We still have half a season left and 4 of the 5 western teams have lost their starting Q.Bs like flies. Thank god we do have Glenn. That was a big win over Winnipeg plus if the can take advantage of the game in hand with a win or T.o next week we should be ok down the stretch.

Keep in mind with the East being so bad this year all B.C has to do is finish 4th and go over the cross over and play the East in the playoffs. Imo a much easier road to the Grey Cup for any Western team that finished 4th.

Your right Lions40. I guess I was so disgusted with the Lions performance in that 7-5 win against the worst CFL team in 2014 that I wasn't willing to hold my breath. Even for a few seconds. lol

The win against Winnipeg was impressive but let's not forget Drew Willy [QB for the Bombers] was injured and didn't play for half the game. That had to help the Lions' chances of winning.

Though Toronto came unglued in their game against Calgary this past weekend, the Argos are fired up. I really don't know how a team as good as Calgary could fall behind 29-3 early in a game. Regardless, Ray is npt going to make life easy for the Lions.

In the Lions favor? The D has not let a TD be scored in the past 2 games. Awesome!

Re: Glenn….

I'm hoping he gets a Grey Cup ring wearing a Lions jersey! He deserves it and to me is very underrated.