QB situation

So people... the Lions are talking contract with Casey... we have Buck who is due for a bonus this spring... what do you think?
yeah I know what GeroySimon Fan will say.. but heck I would still stick with Buck who is willing to stand in there and take the beating for the team. Maybe I should change my signage to BuckFan rather than LeoFan... hey Buck if you look at this stuff we write.. you are my choice for NO 1 QB... you got what it takes. (Bring back Carl Kidd!!!) :rockin:

This is what I figure:
1 - Casey Printers
2 - Travis Lulay
3 - Zac Champion

Buck and Jarious are gone. Too expensive and not very consistant.

It will not, or should not, be preset. Casey should have to earn number 1, and the others a free fight for 2 and 3 and 4.

I expect JJ to be in the top 2.

The idea that Wally would let JJ go and have Lulay as # 2 ??? if that was to happen I would suggest Wally has lost it, which I do not believe he has. Lulay, can he even throw the football? I have never seen Zac play at all.

I watched 95% of all the CFL games this season, yes a few late games I fell asleep before half time, being from the east, but I never saw Lulay do anything much but run, and Zac I missed him altogeather.

And dont forget that KC (and the sunshine band) Printers is very very fragile, he could be injured in the first game, maybe even out for the season with a broken pinky or something. And thats even forgetting the fact that he may not even be as talented as JJ.

as old vic rapp used to say - thats a good problem. stand back and let'er rip - may the best man win.

  1. Printers
  2. Jackson
  3. Lulay
  4. Champion

With Pierce getting cut before his bonus.

I think that list is likely to be pretty accurate. Barring any trades, I'd expect to see Printers as #1, JJ as #2 for an experienced backup (and he's generally been better coming in off the bench than he's been as a starter), and #3 being either Lulay or Champion, whoever peforms best in TC and exhibition games.

Hurry up and cut pierce so the bombers can sign him up :cowboy:

I wish Dunigan and Dickensen would take Buck aside and convince him to retire for his own sake.

Yup. He could play forever, if nobody ever hit him again. He has the talent and the smarts but he isn't far from getting one too many wires crossed from getting hit.

I second that.

Like or not folks … here we go… I can’t wait for he Bombers/Lions game in October. Cause Buck Pierce is gonna gonna whip Mr Casey “showboat” Printer’s butt!!!

Good one for Buck… he will do well with the bombers!!

and probably give himself a concussion doing it

i think the concusion thing has been overblown by the media blowhards because of the fact that mr dickenson had like 10 and was forced to retire and he was the man in bc b4 buck so i think, i dunno... some of you are pretty ignorant here with your comments about buck and concusions.

you are right, you dunno.

Don't know much about concusions do you?

i know more than you think. ive had 3 my entire life... fact is... the media has overblown the concusion issue. buck has had 2 concusions not 5.

and you know this how? Do you have a copy of his medical files? Dr reports?

Ya, brain trauma is something unimportant. Silly medical professionals!

Well it is Buck's call on how he feels and if he can play or needs to call it quits. I am sure he has had conversations with DD, as they were pretty close when on the lions. So ask yourself why was he allowed to suffer the way he did last season... the O-Line was not exactly stellar.. look at the record from last year. Matter of fact the D was not either. Wally admitted he got rid of too many vets, for the sake of going younger and lost the leadership. As far as Buck I think he got scared off by the things he went through with DD.. I think Wally gave into the pressure of people thinking Casey Printers will put people in the stands... well in a 27,000 capacity stadium that may be ok .. but what if we were playing at BC Place.. I don't think Printers would draw after a couple of games. Only the coming season will tell ... but I'll put my money on Lulay because I don't think Printers will last the season without injury.. he never has.