QB Situation

Why not trade some of these QB's for some quality players. I feel you should be able to get a quality player for the Santos kid or Leak! Just a thought!

Is Leak still in camp? Thought he was released last year.

Nope. Leak is sill there. He and Santos were on the Practice squad. I still want to see what he can do in a CFL game. With Brady as a coach, I don't think we should trade one of them yet.

Plus, their value will be very low on the trade market. Every team has a designated starter (except Winnipeg) and the market for backups isn't particularly hot. I'd rather keep both and see what they can do on a CFL field, especially, as Ryooon noted, given that Brady is a coach now and not a QB.

Isn't Brady the Receiver's coach?

Yes he is.

Yes, but who said he wasn't the receiver coach? :slight_smile:

I pointed it out because I cant see him(Brady) working all that closely with the up and coming QBs if he is the receivers coach

Oh, I see. That wasn't my point, though. I wasn't saying keep Leak & Santos because Brady will mentor them. I was saying keep Leak & Santos because Brady is no longer a QB, which means we have less depth at the position (and I'm also just hoping they cut Banks ASAP).

I actually liked what I saw from Banks. I don't know how he is in the locker room, but I probably would have him backup to A.C and McPherson 3rd stringer, my judgement based on last pre-season, basically the only time we saw these guys play.

Sorry Ryooon but I don't agree with you on that one. Banks has never impressed me at all. He couldn't make it in Ottawa and he couldn't make it in Winnipeg. At his age now, I don't see him as being the starter when AC hangs them up, so best to move on with younger guys with better upside.

I figure if A.C goes down, Banks has more game experience than MacPherson, Leak and Santos combined. Last pre-season, it seemed the game slowed down for Banks. He was making the right decisions, and was very elusive. He bought time in the pocket, and threw well while scrambling. That was pre-season though

Ryooon, I get what you’re saying. But I don’t place much faith in preseason performances. Anyone can look like a star playing meaningless games against teams composed of second and third-stringers running vanilla defenses. And Santos also had a decent camp last season IIRC.

As for Banks’s experience, well, Michael Bishop has a ton of experience too, but seemingly no learning curve. If Banks wants to stay, he is going to have to show that he is clearly superior to the rest of the QBs. He’s had his chances over the past few years and hasn’t been able to even establish himself as a no. 2 QB.

I haven’t got any thing to back up what I’m going to say, here. I just have a gut feeling. But I see a huge amount of potential in Leak. He’s got all the tools to be a star in this league.

McPherson is likely your next guy. He'd still be in the NFL if he could avoid golf carts.....

Thanks to the Rider organisation. How is Henry Childs doing over there?

you are welcome!
I think Henri is parking cars at the Delta.
Brian Jones is as well.....how is Shea Emery doing?
I am surprised nobody asked about the golf cart reference......

That is because most of us know he got run over by a golf cart.

She Emry led the team in special teams tackles last season and is progressing nicely to the point where he will get a shot a MLB position in camp. Great Athlete with a good atitude and mean streak.

Fair enough... thought I'd draw somebody in with that one, but.....
Likely no point in asking if Adrian has written any checks in town then....?
Shea looks like a keeper. Wudda looked good in green. ET has made a few moves that are head scratchers. None more so than the deal we are discussing. Enjoy! Try not to draft a starter with your shiny new draft pick this year(or next).......

Uh, could you guys fill me in? I'm lost! :lol: :lol: