QB Situation

Hey - so this may be a stupid question but I was hoping somebody could fill me in

I haven't been paying as much attention to the Cats as I should have after moving to Toronto and b/c of their awful record but I was wondering what's going on with our QB situation.

Is Printers hurt or have we just given up on him?
Why is Porter starting over Williams - have we lost faith in Williams too?
Has Porter looked like he could be our QB of the future - has any QB looked like they could be the QB of tomorrow?

Printers slurps
Williams doesnt
Jury out on Porter, could go either way.

Fortunately for the brass, Printers is still hobbled by an ankle injury.

It looks like it's full speed ahead with Quinton, TheLawFirm.

The brass has pushed Richie Williams to the side for now.

The brass is trying to speed up Quinton Porter's learning curve
at a much faster rate than normal for most CFL quarterbacks

and they are hoping he will become our starter for next year.

I will let you figure out how that will be an advantage to us.


No interim Head Coach abandons hope for making the playoffs
by starting a rookie QB so soon after he gets control of the team

unless he has been told that he will be our Head Coach Next year

The Cats will make Marcel Bellefeuille's interim title permanent.

Or he is not given the choice.

I knew Charlie was getting fired after half time of the BC game. He benched our 1/2 Million $ QB for WIlliams and it didn't produce results.

Now the interm HC promotes a QB who had shown nothing before then...

Me thinks the QB depth chart isn't being decided by anyone with the title of Coach in Tigertown.

Printers is always hurt. In the 2 years he's been here, he's always been hurt. His guiding us to 1 win with h im under centre has cost of 1 million bucks.

Williams is good at coming in for spot duty but I don't see him being a full fledged starting QB in this league.

Porter is the future of this team. A tall traditional pocket passer with an arm for a cannon and who isn't afraid of taking off. Say what you will about the BC game but I don't think God himself would be able to stand in the pocket against Cam Wake and not get sacked.

If Porter shows progress over the next 5 games, he will be our starter next year. Printers is going to be cut in the offseason no matter what, IMO.

Going into camp next year we have Porter 1, Williams 2 and Trafalis 3. There is no other reason why we would sign a QB to go on the practice roster. It's rare that your third stringer gets in the game let alone any chance of a PR QB to go in.

If we want to have a winning team next year, we have to see what Porter can do. We know what Printers (getting hurt) and Williams can do at this point.

No but maybe Moses could have parted that sea of orange. lol

I hope you are going with your gut and not any inside knowledge in regards to our coach for next season.
I would think that Obie will still have an open mind in regards to interviewing a few candidates.

The last thing our interm coach would want to do is go against the GMs wishes on any matter.
If Obie wanted to see Porter, it is the coaches responsibility to do so.
It made sense to promote Porter to #2 on the depth chart.
Williams has been given a few chances, and I think they know what they have in him.
Porter has more upside, and with Printers injured it made some sense to give him 1st crack over Williams....although I would have brought him off the bench.
The interm coach has done nothing to prove that he is an above average Co-Ordinator never mind a Head Coach in the CFL and I personally would be shocked if he was given the job for next year!

blackandgold, it is just my opinion that Marcel Bellefeuille
may have been told that he will be our Head Coach next year

if he uses the rest of the year to try out players for 2009
and gives Quinton Porter starts and/or lots of reps as QB

because doing so will severly handicap him
from becoming Head Coach the usual way

by winning games or getting into the play offs.

I have no insider knowledge.

8) If anyone thinks that Marcel is making these personel decisions, then you need to give your head a shake !!
 Obie is telling Marcel who to play and basically making all these roster changes on his own  !!

 If indeed Marcel is retained next year as our HC, then it is because he has been agreeable to all of Obies demands  for the balance of this year  !!!  In other words, do as I say Marcel  !!!

Obie is running this team, and has been since he fired Charlie, and he is the man who should be held accountable at the end of this season for another horrific year  !!!

You've gotta be kidding me. Here we go again. Hyping up some kid who's done nothing to date. I gave him the benefit of the doubt after his first half of football. He showed some flash against a Winnipeg D that was putting no pressure on him. I told you though that it was likely he'd get creamed by BC. Whether or not he has talent isn't the issue. All players that make the CFL have talent. The problem is he's not ready to be a starter. If they have preordained him and are going to sit on their heels and HOPE that he comes along that'll be the final straw for me I think. Don't use the excuse that he was playing against Cam Wake and the Lions. Would Ricky Ray ever use that excuse? Say what you want about Printers or Williams - but they know how to avoid a pass rush and make positive yards. BC has a great pass rush, but 10 sacks is inexcusable. You're right, he's a traditional tall sitting duck pocket passer. He has not earned the starting job. If we are that desperate let's just fold the franchise right now. That is no kind of a plan. If that's actually Bellefeuille's plan then I'm disgusted. Next year's state of the franchise address when we're 0-9 and retooling for 2010 will be "Well we thought QUinton Porter had the tools to be a starting quarterback. Unfortunately it hasn't worked out that way."

Thank you "not_a_bengal06"

Exactly ! I believe Porter has the tools, different tools then those of Williams and Printers, is what we have is three QB's with the tools ? My answer is of course they do or they would not be here, whats missing is a system that takes advantage of the talents these three have while they learn Canadian football, including Printers. We lack experince ! We do not lack talent. We lack a playbook we lack an outlet pass we lack misdirection we lack a screen play. Holy the most basic play in football ! We lack pocket movement (placing the O line in troblue before the play starts). I do not believe and can not accept that this mess is as simple as their players are better then ours. We lack imagination but we do not lack effort. How can any player suceed with this non system? They cant and they wont. In no way can I blame the players for this mess.

We need a QB that can run for his life with a Oline like ours. Porter is basically a pocket passer and could get killed. I hope Marcel has Porters life in mind when he puts him in there. Until we get an Oline ether Richie our Casey should be QB.

:D I think that we should not give up on Printers. What I do see is a player with no confidence. When he is on the sideline all I see is a frustrated uptight person. Williams is a different story...he looks relax and having fun.....Printers needs to rediscover the fun in football and go out on the feild and enjoy it like a kid again.....Positive...confidence is the key...his supporting cast will play better with a relaxed confident...happy QB.....Look how the team performed for Williams...his enthusiasm is contageous


Cats Forever :rockin:

Very perceptive of you, crazykeeper, I feel the same way.

Casey is no longer the decisive, enthusiastic QB we saw at the start of the year
encouraging his team-mates and searching out Danny Mac's guidance between series

Now he has become a hesitant, QB who seems to lack confidence
because of his own lack of success or the Offence's lack of success.

He seemed to pull back into himself with Danny up in the press box.

Printers is the best QB on the team and very capable of being a champion. He and Porter would be a good tandem with a decent o-line in front of them. There seems to be a “get rid of Printers” agenda among some of the posters on this thread and others. That would be a huge mistake. He is the real deal and throws the ball VERY accurately. His ability to throw with power while on the run is possibly the best I have ever seen. He needs help from his team and management to give him a chance to do his thing. QB is the most important position on a CFL team, but without a supporting cast they cannot perform.

The anti-Printers crowd can attempt to counter with all that “look at the wins and losses, TDs/INT stats” crap, and what they think they know from watching some sideline body language but it all amounts to BLAH BLAH BLAH. GIve him some help and then make up your mind. Although I’m sure with some “fans,” even making the playoffs and losing would be reason enough to yell for his firing/trade/benching.

I for one have seen good things from both Printers and the team compared to any of the past 5 years. Printers is the present/future. Getting rid of him would be a setback.

:cowboy: I agree that the Cats need to support Printers 110%. He could be a great CFL QB. What I think that needs addressing is his mind set....he looks like a 'worry wart' on the sidelines...he needs that confident swagger...postive sparkle in his eyes...the I want to be on the field as soon as possible attitude....The Cats have then tools at QB and RB to be a strong team. They need to keep Printers, Keith and Lumsdem....and build around them. :thup:


The QB and the RB situation here is just fine. There are more people on this site with just nothing better to do the WHINE. I have been going to Ticat games since my Dad started sneaking me in when I was 5 years old, that was 51 years ago. We have some incredible talent on this team and some not so good. I am not one of Obie's biggest fans but I still believe that Bob Young wants to field the right team. I just think the challenge has been larger than he imagined. We need linemen in the worst way, a couple of good senior DB to help the young guys would go a long way to improving them.

Talking about letting Lumsden or Printers go is just plain stupid! There is no other way to describe that kind of talk. If Obie is so great he will ensure Lumsden is here next year as there is no one today in the CFL that has anywhere near the break away speed that this man has. He is the best I have seen in many years. It maybe just bad luck or it maybe he has to change the way he trains but this kid has an incredible future in football. Casey is a passionate football player and any one that knows anything about football can see that. He takes on too much responsibility but it is hard to do your job scrambling for your life or on your back with some smelly lineman on top of you.

Lets get back to Obie here, Moreno for SQUAT! Need I say anymore. How could you send a player any player in a trade deal without confirming the guys you are getting in return are healthy? That is High School football 101. I have been hearing the same as the rest of you about all these bruisers Obie is scouting and bringing up here from the US. Where are they???? Only one of two possible conclusions here is he either lied/misled the press or what I believe he is full of crap.

What this team still and always needed from the very beginning is good FOOTBALL people in the front office. We still lack that necessity and I don't see anything happening soon to change that. As far as this forum goes I hope the players are seasoned enough to ignore most of this BS here and just try and play a decent game.

Bob I hope you are reading this and start making your managers accountable for their actions! One last note hire Stubler for defence. When he was here we had some of the best damn teams that terrified the rest of the league.

A long time and still dedicated Ticat fan.