QB situation?

Do you see ET make another trade(this time a smart one) to get a starter before the season starts?

we'll miss you KJ!!

Should have got Rocky Butler back :smiley:

Where is Butler now?

What about Marcus Brady? Brady is in Montrèal. Right?

Brady's style is similar to Joseph's style.

I think Toronto will be a nice fit for KJ. Nothing wrong with checkin' out another team.

We will see. Miller and Tillman. Are they right on Crandall? Right on Jyles? Right on Tate? They could look smart. Real smart. Or have every one saying this. WTF where you thinking? Wish we had gotten more for Joseph. Heard Tillman say Toronto only team that offered for KJ. But I think this. He makes the Argos lot better than Bishop.

I agree we should have asked for Rocky back in exchange. Crandell I don't have high hopes for. My guess is he'll start but be benched after a 1-4 start or such. Then we'll start developing our young QBs who likely won't amount to anything. Looks to be a disastrous season on the way but rebuilding is never easy.

Why ask for a QB back. TO has KJ, Allen, Bishop and Butler all under contract - one of them is going to be released....and we're now the only team (other than possibly Wpg.) who are in the market for another QB.

Now is the time to start grooming a young QB to replace Crandell as the #! starter. Crandell can be an excellent tutor to help the young guys come along. Crandell knows he has a few seasons left in his career, so he can be as valuable, in being #1, as being a teacher to the new guys. Believe Rider fans, Believe! Get back to me at the end of November right after the Grey Cup champ is crowned.

We need a new QB. I do not believe Crandell is enough.

Tillman must have a line on someone.