QB Situation - Two Different Prospectives

I have read two articles today regarding the the QB situation in Hamilton. One by Ken Peters of the Spec and the other by By Matthew Sekeres of the National Post.

The only thing is they write completely different views on the situation.

Spec Article

National Post

Who's article do you feel explains the situation in Hamilton more accurately.

I don't see the diiference of views.

They both used the same quotes by Taaffe and those pretty much sum up the QB situation going into camp.

The National post was better.
But the Spec Article accurate

i dont see different views at all...both articles seem to be unsure about maas.

Bottom line as I see it is that the new coach is saying that FOR NOW Maas goes into camp as the incumbent #1 but to keep it he'll have to earn it, and if someone beats him out for it so be it.

And that is as it should be.

The National post was better. But the Spec Article accurate
How so?

Very Simple
Ken Peter is Ticat Beat Reporter.
He Round the team all Year.

They Other is less Accurate but Better Writen.

I am really hoping Maas changes his forum and earns his stripes (lil pun there)

If he doesn't then seriously take a good look at who we have behind him ready to take his place. When I say seriously I mean SERIOUSLY take a look and tell me that the 3 men below him have what it takes to be a #1 QB at this point in time.

Butler - A proven backup who can in most cases roll with the punches and deliver but has looked shakey when given the reigns

Williams - Very little playing time, when he did play a few snaps at season end he looked ok but honestly is that much playtime enough to tell if the guy is starter material

Chang - Never played the Canadian game (enough said)

Mr. Maas thrives on competition remember the Esks, maybe thats what he needs and coach Chuck is picking up on that. :slight_smile:

Maas still leaves in Edmonton and as never made himself part of the community like Danny Mac did.Maas is here for the money he dose not care if Hamilton wins another football game as long as he gets paid and with that attitude we never will with him at QB

holymoly27 why don't you read your posts before you submit them, anyways what does jason not living in Hamilton have to do with winning football games, he really didn't have much of a chance to get involved in the community when he was trying to come up with offensive schemes because he didn't have an OC to do it, he did anything asked of him and more, you really don't know what your talking about. if you would like to debate it more I would be more than happy to do it in private messaging!

I was hard on Jason Maas last Season.
it is a new Season Give the Guy A Chance.
The Coaches Will fix him or He be Riding the pine.

Everyone Deserves a 2nd Chance..

Everyone should pray that MAAS brings his
A game to camp this year because if he
doesn't we're toast! there is no one this
year who can step in and play #1. That's the
big problem!!!!!!!

The articles carry the same message. Maas can be the starter if and when he performs up to the coaches expectations, although I think that Jason Maas's expectations are much higher. He is a winner and will prove it this year.

Unless he has not recovered from his injury, I fully expect Jason Maas to be the starter. The coaching staff will have a new offence to implement, and they would not choose one that is not conducive to Jason Maas's style of play. If you remember Maas's success in Edmonton, he was running more of a Montreal style of offence, not an Ottawa (read Paopao) style of offence. I am confident that he will be better suited to the offence Coach Taafe has in mind.

I do want to see Chang in action. I think he is an exceptional talent, one more suited to the CFL. Having seen him play in college, he is in the mould of a Tom CLements/Condredge Holloway type of QB. If he can get used to the extra defender, I think he will do very well in Canada. He can throw, but more importantly, he can run and throw on the run. Nothing puts a defence in more trouble than a QB who can make something happen through improvistation. When the blocking breaks down, he can move and make something happen. He is not like Brady, McManus, Eakin etc, who have done the throwinginthe past few years. I am not saying he is the second coming, but he deserves a good look.

The problem with Chang he can't read
defences. That's why he has an enormus
number of interceptions. he needs a lot of
work before he can be productive for the
cats. Lets all hope Maas is healthy and on
his game this year because we have noone
else in my books.

We read different books obviously. I think Williams has potential and I think Butler is ready to take the next step. If Maas falters, Butler will be more than adequate I think.

Butler hasn’t proved anything yet!two wins
against the cats last year my grandmother
could have done that. Other than that he
has shown nothing. Williams has potential
but thats not enough,he needs alot of
playing time. What the cats need is a
bonified experienced backup like Pierce
is to Dickerson. end of story

I hope that you are wrong.
I still believe maas is damaged goods I hope that I am wrong.
I don't see a QB other than what we have signed that will be in camp if Maas is not up to the job and I don't think that he is.

I still think Butler can get the job done. Yes he won those two games against Hamilton last year, but prior to that in other seasons when he came into a game for Saskatchewan, I always thought he had promise.

So GOTC we can agree to disagree on that, and this season should tell us who is right. If Butler comes in and stinks the joint out I'll eat my words, and if he comes in and lights it up you can eat yours.

On Williams we agree, the kid needs time (and I hope he gets it, I do think there's raw talent there).

I think toronto has the advantage over us
this year because they have an experienced
backup with Bishop and we don't.
what do you think??