QB situation throughout the league

Given that Bo Levi Mitchell's leg injury during the Week 1 loss to Toronto, but played in the team's loss to the Lions, was the injury reported to the league. A similar situation with that of the Lions.

Given that single game betting is coming, when will the CFL become more transparent?

Good question. My follow up question would be... did the league even consider such a scenario in regards to single game betting? I'll bet not.

screw the betting. decisions should only be done for football performance.

You're missing the point - it throws up questions regarding potential abuse of the system and if not outright match fixing, then "spot fixing".

Think about it

Theoretical Calgary v BC Lions - oddsmakers price up a BLM vs. Reilly matchup. Calgary favourites, BC get a slight points handicap, total points over/under is high because two star QBs are going to have a shootout.

Except they're not, because nobody has bothered to report that BLM is injured to the CFL high command, or if they have the CFL hasn't bothered giving an update before game time.

So the bettors tune in expecting BLM v. Reilly only to discover at kickoff what they will be served up is Michael O'Connor vs. Reilly.

Had this been communicated beforehand, odds would have looked VERY different. BC (possibly heavy) favourites, low over/under as O'Connor is an unknown quantity, the plus handicap is now on Calgary's side - the market has COMPLETELY flipped over.

It should be obvious to see how someone with "inside info" could abuse a scenario like that.


No. Football is football. Gambling is gambling. The scenario that you paint means that the football decision has to be influenced by the gambling either way. Either they set the lineup to tamper the result or they set the lineup to avoid tampering with a potential result. Either way the gambling has influenced the lineup. It's a no-win situation for the team.

The problem is NOT with the depth chart. It's with the GAMBLING. The only way to remove the conflict of interest that you pose is to REMOVE THE GAMBLING. The league has tainted itself with these rules and this sanctioning of betting. The fans just don't want to believe it because they like to bet on games and refuse to believe that their gambling is not good for the sport. The league has done a serious wrong.

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as far as gambling purposes go, a coach/team name one person to be starter. That person goes in for a play, then is replaced. Whats a gambler going to do. Are they going to try to make a rule that says projected starter much play first X plays? How about if the QB get injured pre game. Do they have to play him anyhow? How about if an injured QB not on any injury list finds that he can play on game day, do they sit him anyhow. Have someone play for X plays, then put in the starter?

It is all nuts. I you want to gamble, gamble, but dont expect the league or the teams to make roster rules to accommodate you,

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I am not saying that roster rules should revolve around the odds markets BUT there are certain safeguards that are in place for certain sports.

Two examples:

In soccer, a player can have odds listed in various stats markets, HOWEVER if he is on the subs bench and never gets in the game, the bet isn't lost, instead it gets voided.

In baseball, the games will have projected starting pitchers listed beforehand. Again, if that specific pitcher doesn't actually appear then bets become void, they don't lose.

Of course, swinging the other way I can give you basketball examples.

A star player has odds to score x number of points or gain x number of rebounds and things are going great for three quarters. However, his team are beating the crap out of their opponents so the coach decides to pull him out and rest him the entire fourth quarter, so he misses the "over". That's just tough luck for the gambler who simply needs to accept the loss.

In the same way, a lowly bench player has the same odds, with the bettor surmising one of two things will happen. Either, the team plays great and this player never sees the court (hence void) or the stars get in injury/foul trouble so this player sees a lot more action than he otherwise usually would (better chance of win.

What happens instead? The stars stay in for a massive chunk of the game, and our bench warmer only comes in during 4th quarter "garbage time" so he gets 3 minutes of doing nothing - but because he's been on the court for 3 minutes, all bets on him stand. Again, anyone taking "overs" just has to suck it up.

(In case anyone is thinking "I strongly suspect personal experience in this post" yes you'd be right).

But like it or not, CFL betting is guaranteed to be offered by someone, somewhere and things like injury reports and roster composition WILL have an effect. Why do you think NFL pre-season point lines are always lower than the regular season? Because the odds compilers know by the second half you'll be seeing the 4th string QBs playing each other.

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Then that's on the gambling house rules, nothing to do with the league.

Bill Belichick has the best solution - - any player with the slightest nick goes on the injury report as questionable.

He learned this from his mentor, the master Bill Parcells.