QB situation just got clearer

With the release of King, the QB situation looks pretty straight forward.
Keep Williams around to sling some balls to receivers in practice.
Give Maas a full 1/2 on Friday. Split the second half between Chang and Butler, cut Williams after the game.

I am not trying to be harsh, but with Maas, Butler, and Chang the Cats have a solid 3 QBs.

If Williams doesn't move the offence effectively in the next exhibition game, I agree he will be cut. Then Tracy Ham will find another young QB who the Cats can develop on their practice roster.

Looks to be like a 1-2 Punch at QB.

i guess this is about as clear as mud gets.

Timmy Chang needs to be the starter. I have been a fan of this guy since his college day and after my Father-In-Law told me he signed with the Cats, I said from day 1 that he should be the starter. Jason Maas was OK but, If the Cats want to go in a new direction, Chang should be there man from the get go.

I'd like to see Williams given a fair shot..not with 9 min. left in the game..give him "second" reps..
Butler doesn't impress me...
Mass..Chang..Williams......Butler traded,to "who cares"


Have to agree with you re: Williams. He proved last year that he can play. He'll have to regain his confidence and play his game. Yes, I agree that he hasn't really been given a fair chance yet to prove himself. I think in the scrimmage and exhibition game he got to play with the second and third string O-line.
As far as Butler, I disagree with you. In the scrimmage he was the best QB on the field. In Hamilton he just might end up being the starter when it all shakes down. :cowboy:

There's no way the Cats trade/release Butler before the season starts, or even early into the season. After trading Flick, Smith and draft picks for the guy, Marcel would get ripped apart on here, and in the media if he traded him this quickly.

What will it be a Butler-Chang duo or Maas-Chang

If the right deal came along..why not!?..
sort of " 6 month required"-3 way deal!

It would be the height of stupidity IMHO to not have a backup to Maas without a good deal of CFL experience.

Do the math: the club is down to four QBs...perhaps Chang elevates himself to #2 in the depth chart by the end of camp, but it is important to have Butler there, regardless. Unless Rocky transforms himself into Billy Dicken II on Friday, he sticks, I think.

I'm not sure regarding Williams. I suspect he will get some action Friday. Whether or not he sticks (active roster or practice roster) will depend on what he does for the remainder of camp. Final cuts league-wide may yield a QB worth trying out and placing on the practice roster.

Time will tell.

Oski Wee Wee,