QB situation in Hamilton is fine

Unless you have a Calvillo your chances of winning a Grey Cup are limited. If he goes down so does the success of the Als. With two qb's that can start or interchange, which has been done many times over the years successfully is not a bad way to go. Until Porter gains more, much needed game experience, this system works fine. Let the coaches make the calls and be thankful we're in good shape qb-wise. In fact, for the first time we have four good qb's. :cowboy:

The whole idea of a qb controversy is something that the media likes to drum up to have something to talk about and some fans get their shorts tied in a knot over. As some other posters have pointed out many great qbs have taken years to develop and not games to learn and develop. Porter may be a very solid qb as he develops both by watching and playing over time. One or two good games or poor games doesn't make or break a player. As long as he makes progress and doesn't get put into situations that he can't handle he can continue to develop. At this point Glen has been effective comming off the bench and his years of experience certainly show his ability to move the offence. Yes, he can make a poor decision or throw during a game, but as he pointed out McManus made them... shrugged them off and came back to move the team on the next drive for a td. It seems that the qb situation is indeed good in Hamilton because of the qb's willingness to play for the team and each other. It's a good position to be in and one that also can depending on a player's mindset also take pressure off during a game or the season...

Another QB thread?

Well, I think the Cats have a decent QB (first name Kevin), a guy who has shown some potential (Porter) and 2 question marks. It's a huge stretch to say they have four good QBs.

In fact, the Als backup has shown at least as much as Porter.

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Totally agree.

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Simply put, we are in good shape here in Hamilton re: the QB situation. :cowboy:

Fact is Porter is realizing there is a lot more pressure in the CFL than the WFL which was basically a purgatory for NFL teams that weren't sure about guys but had to fill the roster for a league over there. Question is now can he deal with REAL football pressure? In the long run, yes, the guy is the next Calvillo IMHO.

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Calvillo is a great QB with a horrible record in Grey Cup games.