QB situation and offer for Burris

So, apparently we did make an offer to the R/B's but price was too high (as expected) .. Anyone got an "in" on what they were asking ?

Bagg and a 1st round and I think a 6th round in exchange for HB and a 3rd supposedly. Tis what I heard via a friend, not sure how much merit there is in it.

I believe it was discussed in another thread here and the main forum a bit as well...not sure if anyone tipped a hat on it all. Seems more was known about what the Esks were after for Matt Nichol

What were the Esks asking for Nichols?

Supposedly a starting National OLman plus picks

it is a divisional rival...they would be happy to dump off a QB so long as it is fairly crippling to the Riders. I am thinking they will attempt moving Nichol by next year and roll with Pat White anyways.

you got to be kidding, we don't need burris, as soon as he gets rattled he panicks. he;s not worth it, give our guys a chance, but quit trying to play them in the drop back, let them play the way their trained to. why do we always do that, let sunseri roll out if that's what he's used to. I just don't get it, why they always try make drop back q.b.s. out of all of them. way more effective if a guys rolling out. unless your Anthony calivillo design plays to suit the q'b's' style it can't be that hard as you guys have gone this all your lives it'll come we don't need anyone else. Edmonton gave reiilly all season last year and they won 4 games. now look at them. it takes time fans it take time

Perhaps you should compare their game play thus far to that of their college days, because both QBs have been playing very similar in style to back then thus far, with Doege taking off only slightly less...wich makes perfect sense as he has probably been preached to look for a pass first, run second...which every QB needs to have beaten into them at some point.