QB sit in peg

ok we have glenn,banks,michna,quinn, and maritn they will have to get rid of 2 QB's id get rid of martin and michna

Depth Chart

5 QBs and not a bona-fide starter among them. Banks may be in 2 to 3 seasons but he needs playing time and someone to mentor him for the CFL.

Glenn will be a bonified started this season sambo

Really I have to agree with Sambo on this one.

glenn was one of the best QB's last year, despite what everyone says he's going to be our starting QB until he gets hurt or traded.

my depth chart would be


and you cut tee martin but keep mike quinn incase of an injury

.....Glenn should perform fine if his supporting cast follows the script........should be no problem with the BB run game.....if the receivers and Glenn connect and support each other you guys will put points up on the board.....I don't think that was a problem last year either........it was stopping the other team from putting up more.......



It'll be.....GLENN / BANKS

    ......MICHNA / QUINN.....these 2 could fight it out for third string....

it really depends on training camp / pre-season showings....there is a lot of talent there...it will be down to ...initial performance... attitude...and really.... who wants it most... :?:

Glenn’s still peaking and will be just fine as a starter for the Bombers this year. Last year he was third in td passes and 5th in efficeincy rating ahead of Ricky Ray, Joseph, and Printers. And both Printers and Ray had a much better receiving core. The only thing he has to improve on is his completion % which he needs to get above 60.

roughy............I dont know what I would do without you man.........probably go crazy.......the facts speak for themself people...........if Glenn had played a full season he would have been top 4 in most categories on a 5 - 13 team..........think about it.......the only reason we didnt pull a Hammer and go 1 - 17 last year is because of Glenn........

I think this year will be an absolute toss up. Shuld be a 50/50 split alternating games. Glenn can help Banks develop but after that Banks shuld be our man. :slight_smile:

can't you have 4 qbs??????

I just cut Martin, guy is done.

Roberts and stegal had a huge part in it also. but when Glenn wasnt in at QB we were awfull, probly worse then a hamilton 1-17.

bottomline, DON'T DUMP MICHNA!!!!!! I have a feeling about him this year.

i have a feeling about quinn this year. Quinn was a third string in the NFL.....what was dave dickenson when he was in the NFL? he was a third string. Berry was impressed with Quinn, Quinn has high adaptability, he got used the the game of the CFL and the Als scheme in a few days and was calling his own impressive plays. sounds to me like hes a smart QB. but if michna has what it takes to bump him down to the practice roster, then what they hey, go with michna as third. bottom line is we have a full roster of quality QB's this year.

Glenn and Banks with Quinn and Michna to fight it out for 3rd string.

Kanga, the only way they could hide a 4rth QB would be if one got an injury in the pre-season, then they could stick him on the injury list. However, Nobody needs 4 QB's and teams tend to stick other "Back-up" players on the injury list with assorted hangnails and hurt toes.

I'd like to see teams with 4 QBs, you only need three, but the last guy can be a Canadian player (if they aren't talented in the coachs eyes but get the oppotunaly to play no the less).

Quinn would rather sit on a practice roster in the NFL than stand around on the sidelines in the CFL.........if he isnt at least #2 with Berry promising him action if Glenn stumbles......then I dont think he sticks around........Banks has all the potential and so does Michna if you go by their college performance.........T is toast, if he even shows up to camp, which I doubt.....

I would have to agree with you Pigseye....
Banks vs Michna for number 2 spot, going to be a dog fight, between the two..
If Quinn can't make a practice roster in the NFL..He'll push Banks n Michna even harder.
Yes..Tee is toast..and K Jones could be a walk on, when training camp starts..
How did you like that one Kanga..made your day I bet..