QB Roulette

We know that the following QBs will be free agents:


We assume that the following QBs will probably be released:

The question is, where do you think these 5 guys end up.

Here are my picks:
Porter - Montreal
Jyles - BC
Glenn - Edmonton
Reilly - Edmonton
MacPherson - Winnipeg

I think those are excellent guesses all around. I personally think the most attractive are Reilly and Porter. McPherson's star has fallen, Glenn is a decent backup and Jyles is cannon fodder but could provide third-string depth behind Lulay.

I figured Montreal would keep McPherson. They've been stringing him along all these years under Calvillo's mentorship and grooming him to be the replacement. I can't really see them just giving up on him now.

Jyles I think is done; I don't think we'll see him in the CFL next season.

I can't see McPherson going anywhere. Montreal has too much invested in him. Can't see much interest in Porter either--he hasn't done much when he's had the opportunity. Reilly should be in demand by at least two teams.

An Argo-Cat fan

My predictions :

Here are my picks:
Porter - Out of League
Jyles - Out of League
Glenn - Out of League
Reilly - Edmonton
MacPherson - Montreal

Seems like everyone's forgotten about Winnipeg. Buck Pierce will be gone too, and I think they may be looking for a #1 QB who isn't Elliot or Brink.

When did we give up on Porter?

Can't see experienced guys like Porter, Jyles & Glenn being out of the league next year. It's not like the CFL is flush with elite quarterbacks! I'm sure guys like Glenn, Jyles and Porter want to start. But between being out of football or being a backup and biding their time, I'd say they bide their time. And as we've seen, injuries happen and you need a quality backup.

Alan, those are some interesting points that you made, and thanks for posting that.

It may seem unusual for Calgary to release Glenn after the Stamps depended on him as much as they did. But Bo Levi Mitchell does seem to have some potential, and perhaps the Stamps will consider him good enough to be #2 on their QB depth chart. In fact, Allan Maki said that he expects Glenn to be back, but possibly as the third-stringer behind Tate and Mitchell in this Globe and Mail article: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f … le5708154/

But if Mitchell is considered good enough to be the QB Calgary will rely if Tate gets injured again, then I think Glenn would be on the way out. I’m not sure what Glenn’s salary is, but I think it’s quite a bit more than what second and third stringers usually make. I’m sure that Mitchell’s salary is less than Glenn’s, so if they believe that Mitchell can be the #2 QB, then Glenn could be released.

And if Glenn does gets released, then I expect Edmonton to pick him up. While Glenn was not particularly impressive in the Grey Cup game, he’s better than any QB then the Esks have now. And so Jyles may be on the way out there, especially if Nichols can fully recover from that injury, which he expects to, according to this: http://www.edmontonsun.com/2012/11/12/e … ll-be-back

What the Alberta teams do about their QB situations will be something to watch for this off-season. But closer to home, it does seem Porter will be on the way out. He could go to a team that would like an experienced QB who can be good to have in short yardage situations. Cortez did not seem that interested in using Porter, even in those short yardage situations that Porter does well in. And that leads to what this team will do about bringing in another QB. Could Reilly or McPherson be on the way here? Because there is that need to find the eventual replacement for Burris.

It would be like Ham to let Porter go to Ottawa then take a real hammering from Ottawa when we play them. :oops: :roll:

Only if we don't fix our D-line. Porter falters badly with any kind of pass rush.