QB - Receiver Connection Update

These are the current standings as of CFL.CA...

Doug Flutie and Allen Pitts (Calgary Stampeders) – 17.9%

Khari Jones and Milt Stegall (Winnipeg Blue Bombers) – 17.2%

Ron Lancaster and Hugh Campbell (Saskatchewan Roughriders) – 14.7%

Warren Moon and Brian Kelly (Edmonton Eskimos) – 11.6%

Anthony Calvillo and Ben Cahoon (Montréal Alouettes) – 11.1%

Roy Dewalt and Mervyn Fernandez (BC Lions) – 9.9%

Russ Jackson and Whit Tucker (Ottawa Rough Riders) – 7.1%

Danny McManus and Darren Flutie (Hamilton Tiger-Cats) – 5.5%

Condredge Holloway and Terry Greer (Toronto Argonauts) – 4.8%

Im shocked to be honest...

Time to stuff the ballot box?

Which result is most shocking to you Crash? Danny Mac & Flutie or Jones & Stegall or someone else? For me it's Jones and Stegall, no way they are the best or even second best QB-receiver tandem.

I think hands down that Doug Flutie and Allen Pitts are the best combo, although I must admit I never saw the Ottawa and Sask tandems play.

Moon/Kelly and McManus/Flutie being so low on the list.... and yes, Jones/Stegal being so high both surprise me.

How many years did Dewalt/Fernandez play together? IMO they should be closer to the bottom.

Richie Williams and DJ Flick could figure out outhere

the problem is with too many younguns voting who cant remember anybody other than stegalljones.

Damn shame really.

Agree- I voted for Jackson/Tucker but I'm feeling pretty old these days.


where do you find these figures, I canna find them???

I voted for Ron Lancaster and "Gluey Hughie" Campbell. To me, they were the best I ever saw over a period of several years.

Jackson and Tucker were great, but didnt play together long enough in starter roles.

Danny Mac and Darren Flutie ought to be up there too. They were a great combo with multiple teams. I don't know any others who did that.

Funny the link isnt on the CFL site anymore… maybe it was posted in error…

stevehvh- Hey.... finally..... a Russ Jackson/Ron Lancaster debate (of a sort). I haven't seen one of these in years!!!!! :slight_smile: