QB ratings after 4 weeks

D. Dickenson 112%
R. Ray 109%
K. Joseph 98%
K. Glenn 94%
H. Burris 90%
S. Wynn 88%
A. Calvillo 77%
J. Maas 73%

Some real suprises so far. I'm surprised that AC, Burris and maas are so low, and that Joseph and Glenn are in the top 4.

Gladly for Joseph, fumbles don’t affect the QB rating.

As for Calvillo, he’s pretty much responsible for his low number, because he has overthrown his guys way too many time already since the start of the season. Of course, I say that while not knowing what were the intended routes, so receivers might be blamed too. Except Cahoon who litterally vacuumed all the balls throwns near him.

interesting…just futher justifys my low rating of jason maas.

i remember i posted a QB rankings b4 the season, and i listed maas 6th, behind burris, and i took some heat.

whos right?..ME!

for those who don’t know what i’m talkin about:

Ricky Ray ------------96
Anthony Calvillo ----96
Damon Allen--------- 93
Dave Dickenson---- 91
Henry Burris----------89
Jason Maas--------- 87
Casey Printers------ 86
Kerry Joseph-------- 85
Kevin Glenn---------- 83
Marcus Crandell------74
Nealon Greene--------73
Marcus Brady---------73
Buck Pierce------------70
Spergeon Wynn--------70
Kevin Eakin-------------69

note:this is as of the start of the season…it will be adjusted after the season is done and the grey cup has been rewarded.

You are tough with Dickenson. That guy is a surgeon.

...one of my favourite qbs....Anthony Calvillo...i have a lot of respect for the ol' fox... now i'll go wash my mouth out...you always have to be wary of this guy....and on the horizon...while not trying to put him quite up there with Calvillo ..and coming on is Glenn...wait till he has a few more games under his belt with Berry...he's going to change opinion of his play around the league....for the better.. :thup:

You know what papalooza, I'd love to see Kevin Glenn turn into a premier QB, because right now, the best QBs are not getting any younger and we'll need at least eight good QBs when Allen, Dickenson, Calvillo and Joseph leave (not that I say Jospeh is at par with the other three, but he's in the same age group).

hey, dickensons never won a playoff game as a starter, never been to a grey cup that wasnt handed to him by casey printers, never gone a season without being hurt and missing a good chunk of the season.

as i said, my rankings are based on b4 this season, obviously, if DD gets a few playoff wins this year, can go without major injury or wins the grey cup he will move up in points, and if DA has a bad year and drops some points, DD might tie him.

its not so much that im tough on DD, but im not gonna forget all the top 3 have accomplished, or that DA beat him in the grey cup only 2 years ago, and is current MVP....my top 3 all put up great reg.season numbers that carry over to the playoffs...DD tanks in the playoffs.

would u not agree that my top 4 QB's are the current elite, and the only QB's worthy of ratings in the 90's right now?

hey, dickensons never won a playoff game as a starter, never been to a grey cup that wasnt handed to him by casey printers
So using your rating system Manning wouldnt rank anywhere near the top NFL QBs. Or Marino for that matter even though he is #1 in Passing TDs and Yards passing All-time!!!

or Jim Brown and Barry Sanders not being among the best RBs ever.

if you are going to rank by position compare postional stats not team ones.

Teams win Grey Cups not QBs. sure it might be the most important position on the field but there are 20+ other ones too.

how do u figure that?...do i not have dickenson near the top of the list?

i dont have dickenson ranked far from the top as u say i do.

i wouldnt rank manning above tom brady, if thats what your getting at, but i would rank him near the top.

DG your list should have DD and RR in reverse order.
Right now Dave is my league MVP and Ricky is having an average season.
As for Maas, I still think he will catch on, don't forget a new team, with a new OC and all that pressure to win.
The way it's going and unless Damon returns quickly for the Argos, Spurgeon's leadership is heading the team downward.
I predict Maas and the Cats will win this week.

my list is of b4 this season started, and will be adjusted after the season…my list isnt based on one season alone, but the last 4 seasons or so.

if u want a QB ratings /rankings for this season alone:

D. Dickenson 112%
R. Ray 109%
K. Joseph 98%
K. Glenn 94%
H. Burris 90%
S. Wynn 88%
A. Calvillo 77%
J. Maas 73%

as posted above…

Not bad, but right about now, Wynn is the cellar dweller.
Glenn whom I did not give much credit before the season, is my surprise of the season.

What about Mike Quinn's 158%?

Just joking obviously. But yeah in all truthfulness Joseph would be WAY lower if fumbles went against a QB's rating.

What about Pat Flemming's 0.00% with one interception on a total of one pass attempt? These were about the numbers of Ted White. But big ol' Teddy was a QB !