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Ray was at the top or near the top of a lot fo stats last year. it was suprising for me since it seemed like he had an off year. guess i was wrong. So we prolly wont see Zabransky much this year either.

Burris is gonna have a difficult time this year unless they find 3 great O lineman and another top receiver..

this season will show how good he really is, especially when you're missing half your talent,

Probably looked like he had a bad year because the offence fell apart after Edmonton switched OCs after the LDC.

ya Ray could likely have a good year! I just believe that the Esks may focus on Running more this year, unless they find out they don't have running game AGAIN..

if they do have a more balanced attack, he may get less.

I'm not sure why people are putting Printers so high. A lot of lists have Pierce lower because of his injury history but Printers is kinda injury-prone himself.

same for Glenn as i've said b4, those things on his knees arent for fashion

Whitlock rushed for nearly 1,300 yards, and Ray passed for more than 4,900. The Eskimos will continue to build on what Whitlock accomplished last year, but Ray will still put up big numbers.

Funny to see that coming from a fan of the only team without a 1000 yard runningback last season.

Don't know what you were watching, but Esks running game was very good last season. Whitlock put up top 2 or 3 numbers for RBs last season in most categories.

The top three QBs in the league (Calvillo, Burris, and Ray) all had 1000-yard rushers behind them last year (Cobourne, Reynolds, and Whitlock). I don't see a problem.

But it isn't much of an indicator when 7 of 8 teams have players who were over 1,000 yard rushing. If they were the only three who had 1,000 yard rushers then it would mean more.

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Re: QB Ranking

  1. Ray the best touch on the ball bar none. With an improved receiving corps and the return of Kelly Campbell he could hit 6000 yards passing.
  2. Calvillo I think this will be the year he becomes Human but he is still better tthan Smiling Hank and the rest.
  3. Burris
  4. Pierce if he stays healthy and Glenn otherwise
  5. Glenn
  6. Durant
  7. Printers
  8. Dalton Bell/Cleo Lemon

…for those of you that ranked Durant ahead of Burris, there will be extra study hall time all this week, I suggest you take advantage of it…

oh no, cause of a pre-season game? that's something to take extremely serious! :roll:

I don't think you should rank Durant over Burris period. Durant had a good season last year, but Burris has a GC ring.

...well, I would be taking it pretty seriously, your team looked ineffective on all levels...except punting, you guys did a good job on punting...and offsides, the riders definately have offsides down pat...

Must've spent too much time on the too-many-men drills. :smiley:

what part of "Pre-Season" don't you comprehend?

The undisputed (but often speculated about) QB rankings:

  1. Calvillo - No doubter
  2. Ray - He didn't have his best year last year, but he's still #2 in my books
  3. Burris - He can be inconsistent at times, but I think he's deserving of this spot.
  4. Durant - We'll see if he can build on his 2nd half last year, or go into the sophomore slump (even though it's not his 2nd year)
  5. Glenn - Showed flashes of brilliance in limited time last year, could move up if he keeps those numbers up.
  6. Buck Pierce - If the guy could stay healthy he deserves a higher ranking
  7. Printers - I don't know how anyone can rank him higher at this point, this isn't 2004. Printers of 2004 is higher on this list.
  8. Teams 1 - 7's backups
  9. Argos - They have nobody who has seen the field in CFL regular season play, by default they go here.

ok eventho ranked them earlier.. my rankings for qb's 1-8 who id take on my team in a second and in order

1.ricky ray - best qb in the cfl for years.
2.henry burris - results speak for themselves.
3.anthony calvillo - has been solid for a few years now also but.. he goes 3 because he's older than ray and burris by quite abit.
4.buck pierce - just like how he plays the game, its hard not to like this guy cuz.. he plays harder than most nfl quarterbacks id say. the guy might be injury prone or had a couple years of bad luck or whatever you want to call it but.. if he stays healthy, he's the leader id want on my team. Guys just want to play for him it seems. plus he's young enough that he could potentially be your starter for 5 years or more (if he stays healthy) (but like every qb or player really)
5.darien durant - i dont put him as high because he has only had 1 good year. i like his age and i just like his ability to want to get better. heard of him staying in regina last year during the bye week because he wanted to get better. THATS A LEADER.
6.travis lulay - just like him. buck jr almost.
7.kevin glenn - just dont like the guy, im a bomber fan and i just.. when he was here the year he had his crap year.. he just rubbed me the wrong way.. just dont like his onfield mannerisms when things arent going his way
8.the toronto qb's.
9.the rest of the backups in the league.
10. Printers - most arrogant player in the league. cant stand his attitude. thinks he is just the best and i saw a video of him a while back, last year about him being sorta anthony robbins "motivational speaker".. and i just kinda puked.

1- AC- The best quarterback in the CFL, may be getting too old but can still be effective as shown with that big grey cup ring on his finger.
2- Burris- With some decent weapons he can be dangerous, last year not having Rambo in the lineup really hurt him.
3- Durant- I just like the way he plays football, when hes out there i always feel as though the offence could be dangerous
4- Ray- All he does is throw screen passes, and he really annoys me
5- Peirce- # of concussions was way overestimated, the doctors have checked him out and said last year the thing hampering him was not the concussions, was the shoulder.
6- Printers- i personally dont like the guy but is solid enough to get wins
7-Dinwiddie- I have always been a fan, now hes in rider colours, always had a weaker arm, but he hasn't just stayed in the CFL for 5 or so years for no reason.
8-Jyles- got some good wheels and a good arm, looked good in the preseason game.
9-Robo-Knees Glenn- Gonna get KO'd by Doug Brown/Odell Willis/Phillip Hunt, July 2... mark your calenders folks!
10-Porter-at one point looked like the future at the qb position for hamilton, now just looks average.
11-Maas- Career backup, toronto will be calling by week 5
12-Lulay- I dont know much about him, just know that he helped beat the bombers one game(kinda embarassing)
13-every teams 3rd string
15-danny machocia
16-mike kelly
17- Torontos qb....