QB Ranking

As we head into the season let’s rate the quarterbacks:
My take:
1.Calvillo: record speaks for itself. Great system for him in Montreal
2.Burris: Lots of critics but I like him
3.Ray: frustrating at times but durable and efficient
4.Durant: maybe too high but could be too low too. big year coming up. defining
5.Pierce: love the guy but durability and lack of long ball hurts
6.Glenn: somehow gets it done
7.Printers: have no idea how he’ll do. Looks stiff and strained to me.
8.Toronto: Gawd who knows.

I almost agree.

  1. Calvillo - clearly he has what it takes.
  2. Ray - he still is great but I think he's beginning to show his decline
  3. Durant - the guy is only going to get better and he's got receivers to help him get there.
  4. Burris - the guy is inconsistent at times and good at times but he's got some personal issues too.
  5. Printer - He's capable of being very very good, just needs time.
  6. Glenn - clearly he can do it, could possibly be #5
  7. Pierce - injury prone
  8. TBD - who knows really.

I'm going to rank them based on ability + the system around them + quality of receiver.

[ol]- Calvillo

  • Ray
  • Durant
  • Burris
  • Printers
  • Pierce
  • Glenn
  • Lemon-Bell-Dorsey[/ol]

I agree with punisher, except if swap burris and durant, only because burris has a ring!

1 Ray - Coming off a bad year which was still better the most of the other starting QB's, new weapons added.
2 Calvillo - Age will start to show but still gets it done.
3 Durant - will show that he belongs all season long.
4 Porter - I believe Porter will replace Glen at about the half way mark and last year’s experience helped.
5 Burris - Austin is to Joseph as Cortez is to Burris. It's going to be the Frank show in cowtown.
6 Printer - Not buying into the hype, In the few games he played in last year only had around a 50% completion percentage is not good enough.
7 Buck - To injury prone to be ranked any higher.
8 Lemon/Bell - Lemon no CFL experience. Bell has no game experience.

Read your stats with printers he had as 70% completion ratio, i say printers will be # 2 right behind Cavilio.

Do not doubt him he will be the MVP This year.

Sorry my bad


63% last year in 3 games played. Still not good enough in my books to be ranked any higher.

5.Glenn with limited time he managed to produce over 3,000 yards through the air and 134 yards on the ground
8.whomever starts in T.O.

  1. Calvillo - still has it but won’t for much longer. #2 or 3 next year
  2. Ray - On his way down when he was tied for #1. Could drop as low as #5 next year.
  3. Printers - Playing with guys he knows in a system suited for him. The only real question is the O-line helping him.
  4. Burris - Much the same as Printers. Hank has been with the team longer but I think Printers has more potential so tie.
  5. Glenn - Still has it for sure, could move up to #2 I believe if he gets into the grove he got into last year.
  6. Durant - A standard qb, nothing special here.
  7. Pierce - Could be #3 if he gets protection and stays healthy, could be injured.
  8. Toronto’s QB - lol!
  1. Ray - More speed in the receiving corps and a solid running back enhances Ray's abilities.
  2. Burris - Hank has solid group of receivers and less distractions. Look for Lewis to have a good year, injuries to receiving corps may hurt.
  3. Calvillo age catching up and his rankings depend on a solid replacement for Chiu.

Others pretty much summed up in previous posts.

Something tells me that injuries in the receiving corps may not hurt Burris as much as three of last season’s starting offensive lineman being gone either to the NFL or to retirement. If you don’t get the time and protection to throw it doesn’t really matter how good or bad your receiving corps is. . .

Here is the definitive QB ranking list for the upcoming season. :cowboy:

  1. Durant- Will be league MVP hands down
  2. Bob O'Billovich - he will replace Porter and Glenn after they are injured. Starts a bit rusty but comes on in 2nd half.
  3. Travis Lulay- Printers gets caught walking out of a 7-11 without paying for a slurpee and Wally cuts him loose. Lulay, as I predicted is a Dickenson with athleticism and leads the unlikely Leos to a 2nd place finish.
  4. Buck Pierce starts on fire but gets injured sadly and is replaced by Troy Westwood who makes a comeback.
  5. Jason Maas- Ricky Ray leaves for a country western singing career in Nashville reviving an old hit ' Drop Kick me through the Goal Posts of Life sweet Jesus'. Jason plays like the ghost of Christmas yet to come re-discovering his youth and hair replacement surgery.
  6. John Hufnagel- Henry gets hurt , Huff gets fired but there is no one else and Huff plays well enough to sneak the Stamps into the playoffs ( CFL - George Blanda from the '60's)
  7. Hlat in Montreal- He is traded back from St. Louis after A.C. goes down early in the season but does not make the jump from being the hockey hero goalie to CFL quarterback taking too long in the huddle calling plays.
  8. Damon Allen in Toronto- The Argos try everybody and even make a pitch for Brett Favre but Adam Rita settles for that wiley veteran who won a couple of cups but it is a disaster particularly when Rita fires the coach and brings in Don Mathews again!!!!!!!

There you have it folks - it is going to be a doosey of a season-- Honest!!!!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

ohhh frell

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Personally, i think he hit the nail on the head, Durant and Glenn could be switched, but i think that so far he has it ranked pretty perfect.

Burris has a ring, but he's lost a go-to receiver (Copeland), 3/5 of last year's starting O-line, and his offensive coordinator (Cortez). Durant also lost his OC, with Berry drawing in for LaPo, but still has the same receiving corps intact except with P-Rod in the mix, and his O-line looks to be as good as or better than last year. Those are the reasons I have Durant in front of Burris, but it could easily be the reverse.

I didnt know that having a lot of jewelry made you a better QB.

Go Figure.

I'll see your ring, and raise you 2 watches.

  1. Calvillo
  2. Ray
  3. Burris
  4. Glenn- I'm thinking he could be surprise player of the year and put up huge numbers with ABIII and Mann
  5. Durant
  6. Printers
  7. Jackson
  8. Pierce
  9. Maas
    10 Porter
  10. McPherson
  11. Lulay
  12. Dinwiddie
  13. Jyles

Anyone else can't really be ranked b/c we haven't seen enough of them in reg. season, including Toronto's QBs.

durant needs to show last year wasnt a fluke b4 i put him in top 3. one season does not make a superstar

  1. calvilo
    4.A. B. C. D - durant,pierce,glenn,printers.

it is how it is...

u got the 3 guys who have done it year after year and u got the other 4 who all are pretty much in the same category.

no idea about torontos qb's.. and the backups, well, dont see how anyone can rank them ahead of the guys who have started.

porter in the top 5 from one poster? seriously..he's the backup. he's not better than the starters.