QB Rakeem Cato Signs

Guy set some school records, but is considered undersized for the NFL. Even with all his experience, he was ranked way lower than Bridge.

This is a very interesting signing...

[url=http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/12723552/marshall-qb-rakeem-cato-refuses-believe-make-2015-nfl-draft]http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/12723 ... -nfl-draft[/url]

That makes six Quarterbacks heading into camp. Probably another trade coming...Edem and Marsh to Winnipeg ?

Yeah, but no guarantee Bridge shows up. He might be trying to exhaust his NFL opportunities first. And LeFevour would probably start the season on the LTIR, no? Leaving us with Crompton, Marsh, Skelton, and Cato.

If Cato has really signed, I would not be surprised if the player released is QB John Skelton; comments about him,from Turk, were not too positive at the mini-camp. Could need a season or more to get accustomed to CFL. Paid definitely more than a Cato or Bridge; the Als would be less reluctant to train Cato or/and Bridge for a season or more.

Why would the Als trade Mike Edem? Possibly at end of season if he does not extend or re-sign but not now. Eden and Marsh for which Winnipeg player? Besides Drew Willy,no player on Winnipeg roster is of interest to Montreal.


I agree with Richard on Skelton. I would be very surprised if he were on the roster next year, and this season, he might still become a TC casualty.

And realistically speaking, so could Cato as it would not surprise me if Popp signed him without even seeing him workout. Furthermore after reading that article about Cato, I wonder if this CFL venture is just a big letdown for him. Hence, I also have questions on how motivated he will be when/if he shows up.

I am extremely pleased that Rakeem Cato is with our team. There have been many QBs who got drafted by the NFL that did not fit the version of what a NFL QB should be- they should be 6'4 in height, have played in the NCAA with a big school, and, were All American rating. The smaller NCAA QBs, who played in the NCAA from a smaller school, who played as a runner/pass oriented QB often don't make the NFL because of these latter qualities. Often these guys are not even drafted by the NFl. Often, however, the smaller pass/run NCAA QBs have what it takes to play QB in the CFL. In our CFL history,time after time, our successful QBS have come from the latter type of football player. Doug Flutie was a prime example of this. Even when the Buffalo Bills, due to injury, started Flutie, who then got the Bills into a play off position, inserted 6'4 Rob Johnson, a classic NFL type, in this game and,lost.Yes Flutie did play QB good enough to get the Bills into a playoff game but, being a smaller pass/run type he was deleted and, replaced by Rob Johnson. Goodbye Bills.
I have been hoping that the Als might get one or two QBs from the 2014 NCAA class. I thought that surely during the 2014 university season, Popp will acquire, from somewhere in the NCAA, a QB who would not be drafted by the NFL or, one such QB candidate who would not make an NFL team. Now we have Rakeem Cato in this role who, will compete with Marsh and Skelton for the third QB role.

Edem would have no value at season's end. Same reasoning you used for Bomben :roll:

Fair question. If the young man has his head on straight, he'll use the CFL as the platform to showcase his ability and venture South once he has pro cred and on-field proof that size doesn't matter.

AC shares some background, "getting out of a bad neighbourhood", and hopefully will be able to get through to the young man in terms of attitude and recognizing opportunity.

Only scouting report I could find as Cato was not considered a top prospect, nor was he invited to the NFL Combine. Cato might have been on the Rider's neglist as he was invited to their minicamp. Cato declined going there as he instead attended a NFL tryout.


Rakeem Cato
School: Marshall
Position: QB

Bio: Four-year starter awarded all-conference honors each of the past two seasons and named conference USA Player of the Year in 2013. Senior totals included 3903 yards passing, 40 TDs and 13 INTs.

Positive: Athletic quarterback who lacks size and accuracy for the next level. Has a live arm, quick release and displays velocity on all his throws. Gets passes through the tight spots, accurate on crossing routes and drives deep throws. Athletic and easily eludes defenders to keep plays alive, creating yardage if things break down.

Negative: Must improve the timing of throws. Often short of the mark. The further downfield he throws the ball the less accurate he is. Tends to ready himself before delivering passes.

Analysis: Cato was very productive on the college level but lacks the size and pass placement for the next level.

Positives sound VERY CFL-ish. Size issue can be less of a problem in the CFL, and the other negatives hopefully/potentially correctable.

I graduated from Marshall University and have followed Cato for the past four years. No he is not a perfect quarterback and yes he throws some passes that he wished he had back, but when it came down to it, the guy is a winner. He almost always finds a way to win. The Herd's only loss this year was a wild shootout where Cato threw for 417 yards and 7 touchdowns in a 67-66 loss to Western Kentucky (hey he is not responsible for a breakdown in defense). He has the potential to be a superstar in this league if he just seizes the opportunity and gets the "he is too small" chip off his shoulder. He is a team player and will do whatever is asked of him in order to win. You guys made a great choice. We will miss him terribly down in Herd Heaven this year.

Thanks for the insight. We just hope he’ll be focused on proving himself in the CFL before trying to catch on down south. If he succeeds here for a few years, he’ll have put together a great body of work for the NFL, but that will require patience and commitment to three-down football.

On another note, man, is the NFL ever messed up when it comes to QB scouting and evaluation. Size, size, size, that’s all they care about, and yet in a 32-team league, you can count the legit starters on one hand. So many teams are shuttling through QB after QB, signing one, discarding another. So I guess all these 6’5’’ slabs of beef aren’t sure things either. :lol:

Je n'ai trouvé aucune annonce de cette mise sous contrat. Avez-vous des références?

Yeah, I haven't seen any official announcement either. It's not on the Als site and it hasn't been reported by the Gazette or TSN.

Probably because the Als are at the maximum roster number...

So why don't they cut Chad Johnson already to make room? :wink:

I think you will see some announcements made in the coming weeks.
If Johnson is under contract, he will likely be suspended instead of cut.