QB Question: Would they stay?

There have been many debates as to who we (the armchair QB’s) think will be the 1, 2 and 3rd string QB’s and who will be cut or allocated to the Practice Roster.

I have a different question…

Do you think that Shaun King, Timmy Chang, Richie Williams or Rocky Butler would STAY if they were asked to be 3rd string or on the Practice Roster? Or do you think that they’d say “thanks but no thanks” and leave Steeltown.

My opinion (which really isn’t worth very much)

King: He’s a veteran football player with NFL experience. He could probably be on an NFL practice roster but he wants to PLAY. I can’t see him staying unless he’s at least the backup. Can’t blame him.

sidenote Just because he was released from the Arena League doesn’t mean he sucks. He might have asked for a release because he realized how much of a joke that league is and wanted to pursue the CFL.

Butler: Career 3rd stringer. Probably thought that he’d have a chance to move up in the depth charts with the last place Ticats. If he’s asked to be 3rd string I can see him staying. He’s really got no other option in football right now. Practice roster? Doubt it.

Chang: Third string he’d stay. Learn the CFL game and possibly get a few snaps during the season. Practice squad? No. He’s an NCAA record holder. Someone somewhere will want him.

Williams: Third string he’d stay. Practice roster? Doubt it. Can you really make enough money on a Practice Roster? He’d be better off taking the year off football and getting a real job. Then looking for an Arena team next season. Personally I see Williams as the odd man out.

Basically what I’m saying is that I don’t expect to see ANY of these guys on the Practice Roster. So here is my guess on who our QB’s will be…

  1. Maas/King. Maas will start the season as 1st string and King will end up taking over when Maas does what Maas does best… which is nothing.

  2. King/Butler. King will start as the backup and when Maas gets traded back to Edmonton Butler will become the backup.

  3. Butler/Some dude. Butler will start as #3 and when he moves to #2 the Ticats will pick up a Free Agent during the season.

Chang and Williams are gone before the season starts. I like Chang though… but he just doesn’t fit our plans right now.

I’m also well aware that I’m talking out of my A-- and that I’m probably 110% wrong. But it’s fun to make predictions and pretend to know what you’re talking about!

Maas: Will not accept anything other than starting IMO and if he starts the seasons as the backup it wont be long until hes gone. Although i do expect him to starting in week 1.

King: Would accept #2 to learn the CFL game and its only a matter of time before the backup loving Ticat fans want him to start... i give it one half of football in the week 1 game thread.

Butler: I could care less to be honest.

Chang: I see him as #3.

Williams: Not sure how he fits but if we cut him he WILL get picked up... too young and too much of a brightside IMO.

With Maas's salary he will be cut or traded if he doesn't win the starting job.

I agree that Maas will not be the backup. That's why my prediction suggests that when King takes over the starting job Maas is no longer in the Ticats plans. I think he's going back to Edmonton.

With Jason in fine form at Training Camp,

we don't need Shaun King as his back up
unless he stands head and shoulders above the rest.

That ain't happening and it is unlikely to happen.

Rocky Butler with his CFL experience can fill that role
while Timmy Chang's upside quickly develops at # 3

It's a toss up whether Richie Williams
will be given time to develop on our PR.

Shaun King will never be the starter in Hamilton. All this, 'when Maas fails" talk is so uninformed it's almost laughable.

First off, Maas had 1 bad year. ONE. Big deal. He had that bad year on the worst football team ever to play in Hamilton, and he did it while playing hurt.

Maas is a former 5,000 yard passer and helped guide the Esks to a Grey Cup not too long ago. All this "he's washed up" talk is stupid.

Anyways, back to reality, Maas will stay our starter all season long. If he falters then Butler will come in. Butler will be our number 2 when we break camp with Tim Chang as #3.

Williams, was unremarkable last year. He played a few snaps during the tail end of a few blowouts when nothing mattered. I'm sure he's not half bad, but big deal. I'd rather take a flyer on Chang then stick with mediocrity.

What's with all the Shaun King hype? He QBed the Bucs to the NFC championship, which they lost, while scoring a whopping 9 points. Big deal. If anyone is done, it's King. If we are going to have any chance to win this year, then it will be with Maas as #1, a proven starter and winner and Butler at #2 with his experiance.

Anyways, release Williams at camp's end and drop the saviour nonsense on Shaun King when he gets cut. King is a guy who hasn't played a down of Canadian football and hasn't thrown a meaningful pass in years, besides having all his experiance coming from a Defensive team (Bucs) who's offense was possibly the worst in NFL playoff history. King strikes me as being from the Tim Rosenbach mold, and we all know where that got us.

Maas and King were the best 2 QB's in camp this afternoon, and im temped to say King looked better.

Maas does have the deep ball back however.

I thought Maas looked much better than King today. Maas' deep ball was very good and King didnt quite have the same velocity.

Bump - I agree with this post. Both had zip on the ball, especially Maas and I thought the other 3 looked so-so.


4.william HE WILL STAY

Trade BUTLER, release Chang
I don,t know why everyone picks Butler
over williams, I went to the TC sunday
and i thinks williams played better.

relesase king is morel like it


IMO .... Maas No. 1, Butler No. 2, and Chang No. 3 .... King won't even get a sniff

Hmmmm... I see that the idea of Shaun King
that NFL followers have, is being met by

Shaun King 's performance here
on the CFL field at Mc Master.

There are 5 very good QBs vying
for CFL jobs this Training Camp

and NFL reputation or not
Shaun is just one of them.

The good thing is we will have
better depth at QB this year
than we have ever had before.

I am hoping we keep one QB
on the 4 man reserve roster

and give the 4th QB the choice
of being on the practice roster

If he doesn't chose to take it
we can put the 5th QB there.