QB quality of our opponents this year

I think we have an outstanding team this year. I think we have a great shot to win the Grey Cup.

But I cringe at talk of this being the greatest Ticat team of all time. We’ve racked up a lot of wins, but we’ve had the luxury of padding our record with wins over teams who weren’t able to field a bona fide starting QB. Full credit to our coaches and to Dane Evans for not allowing the injury to Masoli to derail our season, but let’s look at the quality of QBs who have opposed us this year.

The top 10 QBs in the league in 2018 were:

The top 10 so far in 2019 are:

Pruning those lists to “proven” starting QBs who are active this year and aren’t Ticats, we get:

We could debate how “proven” those bottom 4 are (and especially the bottom 3), but I think the top 4 are pretty widely regarded as the top non-Ticat QBs in the league (with Fajardo making a case for himself this year, and Adams clearing his throat).

How have we stacked up against that top 4 this year:

2 Wins.
Arguably the best QB in the league, so respect to the Cats for the two wins over BC. But our wins over BC were by 1 point and 3 points, despite the fact BC has only won 5 games this year, and had been struggling with QB protection.

1 Loss.
We only lost by 1, and it’s a game we probably should have won. Would be very interesting to see how these teams match up again.

Have not played him this year. If we face Harris this year, it won’t be until the playoffs.

1 win.
This was a legit win over a tough opponent with a strong veteran QB (week 7). The fact the Cats persevered despite the injury to Masoli in this game made it that much more of a statement.

So against those top 4 qbs, we have an emphatic win over Winnipeg with Nichols, squeaked out 2 wins over a weak BC team led by Reilly, lost a tough one to Calgary led by Mitchell, and have yet to face Harris.

So against proven QBs this year, we have 3 wins, two of them with asterisks. If you want to be charitable, you can put an asterisk on the loss to Calgary with Mitchell.

This team has yet to win head-to-head against Harris or BLM this year.

I’d also credit our week 3 win over Adams-led Montreal and our week 12 win over Bethel-Thompson-led Toronto as solid victories over teams with “capable” QBs.

But we also lost 2 games against relatively “unproven” up-and-comers Adams (week 4, though the story was more Montreal’s running game) and Fajardo (week 8 with Dane Evans getting his 2nd career start in arguably the most hostile stadium in the league). Despite the emergence of Fajardo, when the Cats did beat him, he was being thrown into the fire as a backup in week 1.

This doesn’t mean the 2019 Cats aren’t a great team. But pump the brakes on any “greatest ever” talk. This team has spent much of the season beating up on the Arbuckles, Arndts and Kilgores of the league.

I feel like overall it’s been a down year for the league. Tons of QB injuries, and two or three teams that were incredibly poorly assembled (Toronto, Ottawa, BC).

I’m not old enough to remember many of the great Ticat teams of the past, so I’ll mostly stay out of that conversation, but I can see why this might not be the “greatest” Ticat team of all time.

A Grey Cup win would make it the most successful Hamilton team of all time though, which is a big accomplishment in its own right.

We’ve been fairly lucky in terms of our schedule happening to coincide with injuries to other teams’ starting QBs. With the exception of Reilly/BC, I think we’ve managed to play against all the back-ups for at least one game.

(Not our fault, of course)

... and the opposition has played a majority against ours. And we kicked ass!!

That’s true.

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Don't know which teams you consider "great" and don't know what you think the quality of opponents were in the past but....

  1. (15-3) 10 games vs opponents .500 or worse. 10 wins.

1999 (11-7) 9 games vs opponents. 500 or worse . 8 wins

1998 (12-5) 10 games vs opponents .500 or worse. 8 wins.

1989 (12-6) 14 games vs opponents. 500 or worse.12 wins

1981 (11-4-1) 7 games vs opponents .500 or worse 6 wins

1972 (11-3) 7 games vs opponents .500 or worse. 5 wins

1967 (10-4) 7 games vs opponents .500 or worse. 7 wins

1965 (10-4) 11 game vs opponents .500 or worse. 9 wins

1964 (10-3-1) 8 games vs opponents .500 or worse. 7 wins

1963 (10-4) 8 games vs opponents .500 or worse. 6 wins.

1986 is the outlier here. Great team but not in regular season.

So as one can see the greatest HAM teams have always benefitted from weak opposition for "padding our record".

2019 team can take its place along with the greatest teams comfortably and take it to another level of greatness in late Nov

For the Danny Vanderwort comment??? ?

Safetyblitz ranks Dane Evans as the 6th best CFL QB in 2019 and Krisiun suggests that he wear a flak jacket.

Might I suggest a straight jacket would be more in order . Evans is the best QB in the league right now !

When Masoli returns next year, we’ll have the top 2 QBs .

Pat Lynch ( People never seem to appreciate what you do for them until you’re not doing it anymore .)

Would like to know how we are raking Evans as 6th best this season - or if we’re just copying and pasting from CFL.ca which uses “Yards” as its first filter.

You can make an argument for Dane being the Best QB this year - to probably 3rd best.

His ranking follows current passing yardage stats.

The "Rock-Star Index" (more subjective) currently ranks them as follows:

  1. BLM
  2. Dane
  3. Fajardo
  4. Adams
  5. Harris
  6. MBT
  7. Collaros

So if you rank Dane #2 and Evans #4 then that = 6 . Oh I get it . ;D

The thread is about the quality of our opponents this year . I’m pretty sure we’ve played the same teams as everybody else. I’m also certain that down the home stretch, our guy has been the best QB in the league . 14 or 15 team wins in a season isn’t a fluke and our quarterbacking has proven to be the best .

Our numbers don’t lie and 2+ 4 does not equal 6 in this case .

Pat Lynch ( the old Y = mx + b guy)

Oops. Fixed it. Should have had Adams at #4.

(I have a problem with generic last names apparently, which is why I went with our guy’s first name.)

Pat I never stated an opinion on the content of the original post. Only pointing out that it was highly controversial.

So just grab your popcorn and watch the shrapnel fly around. ;D

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My take on the original post was that we have not played enough top Qbs in our schedule…as such our stats/wins may be a little padded.
Regardless of our regular season, the team needs to be on its toes as the competition will be much tougher in the playoffs…we haven’t faced a great QB since playing the stamps…but in that game it was their D that shut us down in 2nd half and a ST play that was the difference.

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