QB protection

Just food for thought but does anybody think their needs to be better protection for our QB's?
Is their any thing we can do as per Rule changes or Better protection (equipment changes).

Equipment maybe, but as for rules, I think they have already gotten out of hand

No more rules, but maybe some kind of horse collar that would cut down on concussions.

Problem is you can't restrict a QB with equipment like you can with an O-Lineman or something. They have to be able o look and move naturally to play, so I'm not sure what the equip people could come up with.

THe amount of concussions players are getting needs to be looked at in all sports imo. Too many people going down with them, nevermind the fact that nobody really knows %100 the effect of them. Hell look at what concussions did to Chris Benoit.

Protect the QBs? Even more? Why don't we just put a flag on them and to tackle them all you have to do is grab the flag and its a sack.

Football is a contact sport. If they can get them better non restricting equipment that is fine. But why bother changing the rules? Again.

If they get hurt that is their own fault. And if it is not their fault, then that is their own fault.

From the leagues point of view it would be in their best interest to protect the QBs, however, personally I don't want the CFL to become like the NHL. But we can't be having head shots, when that happens it should be a harsh penalty.

Well it seems they are not consistant if they are trying to protect them. This year we have had more QB's down then ever.

Thats true but all of them have been clean hits

Are QB injuries up that much?

Help me out here as im going from memory...

Last year injured QB's


This year:

Anyone ive missed?

Are you kidding me?... You think concussions made Benoit do those terrible things???...I guess the steroids were just a mild sedative eh?... what an assanine statement!

Sure, that makes sense cause I'd rather see Chris Walby as my starting QB then Ricky Ray anyday Man would I shell out the money to see that . Could you imagine the poople flocking to the Skydome to see Elliotte Fredmen as the Argos pivot.

Maybe Rule changes are not needed as much as respect among fellow CFL players.

So far 7 is higher then 6 but did they just start trying to protect the QB's this year? Plus the season is just past the half way point.

I am with you on this one.

Learn to read before you post stupid garbage.

CNN Article

Google Results

It was all over the news. It wasn't the sole cause but it most likely contributed. Oh and it's spelled assinine.

First sign of losing a debate is calling some one on spelling very sad. Roids did him in.

Thanks for the spelling correction Mr English major I think the key words in your little article are COULD HAVE (not "most likely")

The analysis by doctors affiliated with the Sports Legacy Institute suggests repeated concussions could have contributed to the killings at Benoit's suburban Atlanta home.

Steroid use also has lingered as a theory, since anabolic steroids were found in the home and tests conducted by authorities showed Benoit had roughly 10 times the normal level of testosterone in his system when he died.

But I'm more inclined to believe it was the roids since it did contirbute to having TEN times the normal testosterone level in his system... a headache never made ME kill my family...

So you agree that my statment wasn't 'assanine', thanks for the retraction.

Either way it's still a stupid (yup spelled right) thing to bring up in a conversation about QB's and their protection!

Concussions aren't important when you talk QB protection? That's news to me.

Bringing up Benoit is perfect example. Here is a guy who took consistent shots to his head and body slams, much like a QB getting sacked.

Dave Dickenson may never play again due to concussions ... and you say it' a stupid thing to bring up?

Allan and Butler were both hurt last year.
And Printers was hurt in the NFL.
Should he count?
Can't think of anyone else....

I agree. Speaking from a team on their third stringer, the QB's have too much protection.

I know stars like Bishop, Burris, Dickenson, Pierce are out, but thats part of the game.

The rule that I don't get is if a QB is running with the ball, and the defender tackles him below the waist, the defender is flagged for a UR.

The only way to protect them more is put a "Pink Vest" on them, count to 5 steamboats, and then two hand touch on the hips! :roll: :roll: :roll: