QB problems in CFL!

I think this may be the worst year for QB's in CFL history. There are some good if not great ones but overall there is a lot of question marks. Here is a look at how I see the teams stacking up at QB.

B.C. - Have a great one in Lulay if he stays healthy...big if. If the questionably fragile Lulay goes down, there is no joy in Lotus Land.

Calgary - Is Tate the second coming of Buck Pierce? Will his MMA training make him indestructable? Can George St. Pierre throw a football.

Edmonton - Nichols has been injured every start. Reilly and Nichols untested in starting role. Maybe Randy Kerbow is still available?

Saskatchewan - Unless Durant had a heart transplant in the off season, a cross-over seems the most likely option.

Winnipeg - Please Buck retire while you can still walk. What's that, you can't retire because there is nobody in Manitoba that can take your place? Sad but true.

Toronto - The best in the infirmatory wing. Ricky Ray may be the closest thing to a healthy starter in the league.

Hamilton - Burris is sound of body but makes a lot of bad decisions late in the year. No back-up.

Montreal - Can Old Man Calvillo do it one more time? Can't see it but he has fooled me before. Better put an ad in the help wanteds for a back-up. One year too many for the Hall of Famer. Hope I'm wrong.

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I would be more worried about your own damn team than worry about others.

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Seems to me that we should be able to discuss each other's varying opinions without the "you know squat", and "biggest fool" remarks. . .

my points are in bold.

And hey...I find it funny that you basically think everyone is Fd at QB.

Thanks for actually rebutting my comments.

I don't think everyone is Fd at QB, I do think every team is short on depth at QB with maybe Calgary being the exception although I think Glenn is great off the bench, is he the answer at starter. I don't see any team that can have a comfort level if their number one guy goes down. I think Durant has the talent to be a good QB if he decides that he wants to. As for Calvillo, it always comes to an end, even for the great ones. The lucky ones know when to call it quits, hopefully Anthony did not leave it too long.

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Considering what Glenn did last year as the starter after Tate went down, it's downright insane to argue that they don't have the best backup QB situation in the league. They won their frackin division with their backup. That's comfort level to me.

AC's stats have not dipped (5000+ yard 2 seasons in a row), and his td/int ratio is still amazing. He has cut his running down, but hey...why should/would he run? I see no indication that he is one hit away or anything, no more so than any other QB. the big 4-0 is not a huge deal for a QB that stays in shape, and does not rely on his feet.

Glenn has HOF numbers, people forget that way too easily. He sits 11th all-time. If he were to start he could realistically be at #6 in 2 seasons.

  1. Anthony Calvillo 78,494
  2. Damon Allen 72,381
  3. Danny McManus 53,255
  4. Ron Lancaster 50,535
  5. Henry Burris 46,601
  6. Ricky Ray 44,588
  7. Matt Dunigan 43,857
  8. Doug Flutie 41,355
  9. Tracy Ham 40,534
  10. Tom Clements 39,041
  11. Kevin Glenn 36,666
  12. Kent Austin 36,030
  13. Dieter Brock 34,830
  14. Tom Burgess 30,308

Unless Calvillo has a portrait that gets older, he will eventually lose the battle with age, it is inevitable. Will it happen this year is the question and if it does can Porter do the job?

I agree with most of what you say and it's funny that my son and I were just talking about this the other day. Over the years I've found that the QB situation in both CFL and NFL comes in waves. Pretty soon we'll be at the bottom of the wave while all the rookies strive to become bona fide starters. We just have to hang tough and wait for the crest. I remember when every CFL team had two starters who could play well.

I'm not understanding your Durant, heart transplant thing here. The guy had a decent season under a first time OC and receivers dropping passes. Now that he has Cortez (who coached Burris to one of his best season last year) that can really use Durant to his abilities. We loaded up on the Oline, we traded for a reliable receiver and if Durant happens to get a boo boo Willy proved last year that he can fill in and do a suitable job, now he has a year under his belt and you can expect he'll be chomping at the chance to get in there. Sure QB's get hurt but it's not likely all 8 QB's get hurt at the same time (knock on wood)

When he can't do it anymore, he'll retire. He's said many times that the day it stops being fun is the day he walks away. He's back for another season, looks to be in terrific shape (has dropped a bit of weight and looks lean and fit), and is excited to be working with a new head coach and OC. As for Porter, he's a backup right now, nothing more. When Calvilo finally does retire, Popp will worry about finding his replacement, not before then.

Damon Allen played until age 44 and he was a scrambling QB who actually relied a lot on athleticism. Anthony's a pocket-passer; as long as he stays healthy and avoids big hits, I see no reason why he can't play until age 44.

Just saying that I don't think Durant has always played to his potential. If Saskatchewan fans are happy with him I guess that is all that matters. I would suggest Greg Marshal might disagree.

Not saying that all or any QB's are going to get hurt. All I am saying is the talent pool at the QB position is as shallow or more shallow than ever. Nothing more nothing less.

I have no problem with the CFL's QB's. Alot of good young QB's coming up the line and still a few vets left to bring them along. Exciting times are here.

Quarterback depth is far from being the worst in CFL history. The worst may be when half of all teams lacked solid primary quarterbacks. Backups aren't necessary if primary quarterback is healthy and plays well most of the time. In 2012, only Edmonton and Winnipeg lacked reliable quarterbacks . So overall, quarterback depth isn't a big problem for most teams.

The CFL is Obviously getting to the point of the changing of the guard whenit comes to the most elite QBS Callivillo, Burris are getting older but still ver effective but a seriuos injury now could be career ending. Ray also not quite as old but approaching his mid 30's and close to a decade as a starter can were on a QB for sure.
The difference now then even 5 years ago that many NFL free agents are more familiar with the CFL with the inception of a regular weekly dose of the CFL on the NFL Network being the start. ESPN3 Webcasts of every game has also enabled NFL 3-5 year players much more familiar with the CFL and that includes the QB position.
With the new stadiums coming and the other alternate pro football leagues, first the NFLE and Arena Football and then the 2009 and 2010 UFL seasons the CFL is strongly the best option other than the NFL and the now more modern and professional stadiums will give the CFL more crdibility where a Qb like a Chase Clement not leaving after one day of training camp after looking at the old beaten up IWS.
The Arena football league for quite a few years entering the 2,000 paid good salaries as well as playing in modern Arena's. Now they may be in the Arena's but the pay has put them a distant 3rd to the CFL with the CFL taking all the top AFL import talent to the CFL
Finally the pay. there will be only 9 starting jobs in the CFL but those who get to that elite level and stay healthy like a Calivillo, Burris, and Ray the salary will be at the half a million for those elite. That is a nice payday for a pro football player.
A few of these such young QBS have come in very quickly and have had success as back ups in there first CFL season. Willy who was trained by two former CFL coach at UB in HC Gills and QB coach and former rider as well as playing at UB with several Canadian HS recruits that Gill used to turn the UB football program to one of the wrst DI teams to a bowl game at the coincidentally then Bowl game in Canada at RC.
Bo Mitchell of Calagary has skipped the whole NFL rookie free agent and practice roster thing in 2012 and came righ to the CFL. Again playing for Eastern Washinton where several CFL players have gone on to be successful in the last few years.
Brian Brohom also has been paying a lot of attention to the CFL and has a ton of ability.
Quinton Porter has spent his CFL career for some bad Hamilton teams but has a tone of ability and a strong and accurate arm and finding success in Montreal behind that awesome Oline that continues to reload and groom replacements for older players in a very organized system in place where the line is stagered with Young Media, and older OLineman so that the chages come at one every few years.
McPherson a old threat QB has spent 5 seaons's as the top back up to AC and the knock is that he has sat too long to find his way to a starting job at almost 30 but a year back in the Arena where he can get a chance to play everyday has dominated and will be able to come back as a week in week out QB with a ton of Knowledge about being a CFL QB.
Much like the 90's and the Kurt Warner syndrome keying off that playing somewhere and getting reps could be better than holding aclipboard for three seasons. Warner along with predessing Fluite and Garcia moving on to NFL pro bowlers has made that an option for teams to revsist again with Arena League Qbs wspeciallly in a Mcphesrson case a real possibility.
So they may not be known now but thee are plenty out there that will step in and be ver successful caoming from a variety of walks of football.

ermm...yes, everyone obviously loses the battle with age eventually. As I stated, he was literally in the best shape of his life last season....not something most 40 y/o athletes can legitimately claim, but he can, and has had back to back top caliber seasons. I see no reason to think he is at the end of the line. Could he take some abnormal injury...yes, same as any other QB. If he blows out a knee, yeah, he might call it a career while say Lulay would try coming back from it. AC has played a style of game that has left him rather injury free, I see no reason that would change now.