QB predictions Who’s in and who’s out?

A great year for new blood for pivots in the CFL. Three new stars in Evans, Fajardo and Adams Jr. . Add the already established Reilly, Harris, Collaros, and BLM. That’s a solid core.
So…what happens to Masolli and Nichols?
Are Bethel Thomson, arbuckle, and Streveler the real deal?
Are Franklin, Davis, Pipkin, Jennings, and Bridge done?

Any thoughts on these questions?

Bridge was done last year … I’ll bet on Franklin or Pipken being this years’ model of obsolescence.

If teams can keep a third QB who’s a National, Bridge will still be in the league. Otherwise, I don’t think he will.

I think Pipkin stays in Montreal.

As for the others . . . I’m thinking Franklin catches on as a backup somewhere, but with only two QBs allowed to dress in 2020, I think the other guys might well be done.

So, your thinking Arbuckle and Streveler are done?

I think the assumption is just the opposite.

Exactly. They both have a good shot at making it.

I think Franklin and Jennings are both toast.

I predicted all 5 to be at least done with their current teams.
Brandon Bridge. Idk if any team under any coaches would even think to look at him at all.
I guess because of his size. He became THE Guy to be the First Canadian QB. To be the first starter for a length of time and potentially even become a long time QB in the league to sustain a long carrier as a 1 or 2.
Where its been proven now that CFL or NFL ur gona need 2 QBs to get thru a season.

The first 4 I can see another team or that has a HC or OC with them giving them a look and into a training camp.
There are still young and they have all done some good things in the short windows they had.
So the question for those 4 is were they Victims of some bad circumstances or they just dont have it.

Which is much different than Bridge. Who has gotten several larger windows good & Bad circumstances.
It may to time for the CFL to move on from Bridge.
Maybe he should give the XFL or IFL a chance.

To pigtail off this post.
Its time to give some other Canadian QBs a legit chance.
O’Connor got thru the year on the 46.
Hugo Richard got thru the entire season Mostly on the PR.
Next up Chris Merchant IMO.

Antonio Pipkin might not be done. The others are.


Michael O’Connor actually looked pretty decent in very limited action at the end of the season in 2019.

But I’d love to see all three get a chance on the field in 2020.


You CAN’T mean this or a whole boatload of former Canadian QB’s have just had their records expunged.

Including such legends as Russ Jackson, Don Getty and Frank Cosentino with a couple of fistfuls of Grey Cup rings among them!


I will assume you are either young or a new-ish CFL fan … it has been some years but in 1980 Gerry Dattilio won the CFL’s Most Outstanding Canadian Award and was the eastern nominee for the CFL’s Most Outstanding Player Award … he lost his job the next year when one-year owner nelson Skalbania signed Vince Ferragamo …he had a couple more years as a starter … who knows what would have happened if his success had not been interrupted … going further back there were a couple of guys Russ Jackson and Ron Lancaster (albeit a naturalized Canadian) who had a smidge of success.

Streveler has a huge chance in the NFL as a third-down play runner!!

No disrespect to The Great Canadian QBs in the past. But refering to this point here Jerry Dattilio was the last in the early 80’s.
Thats a signifigant stretch to the mostvrecent in Bridge

Oh yeah. We all know that. It was your reference to Bridge as the ‘first’ - without adding ‘in a long time’ - that made some of us old guys spit the soup out of our mouths when reading. ?

Wasn’t saying it wasn’t … but ignoring the Canadian QBs of the past is disrespectful … how hard is it to add “in many years” or even “in few decades”.

Anyway. I think that O’Connor
Will be the next great
Canadian QB in many years