QB predictions for 2022

Or something that says he got it.... Lol

Players did not have to follow the fans and province vaccination rules in terms of stadium entry.. They were tested frequently and had stricter rules compared to the vaxxed players. Not one CFL team had a 100% vaccination rate.


Just before the playoffs the league said 95% of players.

Using round numbers that's 450 or so players. Leaving about 22 unvaccinated.

So am I glad . The air quality on a bus in covid times is less than desirable . At least on a train , social distancing is easier to maintain . The Bull Durham bus rides would be spreader events today .

Pat Lynch (see the Joker got kicked out of Ozzie land)

Justin Dunk thinks it was common knowledge.

"It’s well known that the man who led Hamilton’s comeback, quarterback Jeremiah Masoli, was unvaccinated during the Grey Cup."
-Justin Dunk 12/23/2021

And Dunks source is Madani.
I have never seen any of the multitude of other CFL media hacks desperate for hits go with it,
Don't you think that makes it at the very least questionable?


And how many of them bring up Andrew Harris' PED use, Lawler's DUI, Toronto's football ops cap BS, MBT breaking protocols and the League changing their own collectively bargained regulations, etc etc etc?


I just googled Lawler DUI and got stories from

I Googled Masoli Unvaccinated
One story from 3downnation, the same one posted by okie
And Winnipeg Sun
It was mentioned in the last paragraph of the story

"Interestingly, the Tiger-Cats have unvaccinated players, reportedly including quarterback Jeremiah Masoli, but those players are allowed to play Sunday because the game is in Hamilton and no air travel is required."

Any ways we will find out soon enough after Feb 8th or if a team trades for his rights
I believe the negotiation window opens Jan 30th,


I guess we’ll see how interested Ottawa is and if they’re worried about other teams moving in on Masoli. If the Cats could squeeze a 4 th round pick by dealing Masoli I could see them making the trade. They’d probably prefer to send him west though if BC doesn’t bring back Reilly.


Dunk implies that the chances of Collaros leaving WPG increase every day he isn't signed. He even manages to include the phrase "blue balls" in his analysis.

I have to admit, I love the idea of Zach playing anywhere else. It weakens WPG, while also subjecting Zach to an inferior O-line and thus reducing his chances of a personal 3-peat.

Reigning MOP, back-to-back Grey Cup champ Zach Collaros has all the leverage in contract negotiations with Bombers


Until Winnipeg signs Masoli.


I’m convinced Zach is coming “home” to Toronto to be with his wife and Toddler. I believe that I f he had his way he’d have never worn a jersey other than Toronto or Hamilton. Those options just weren’t there the last few years.


If Zach wants to stay healthy so he can enjoy his family for the next 40+ years then he should stay in Wnnipeg.

"Coming home" does not always work out. Ask Michael Reilly. A lot of his salary increase has probably been spent on Tylenol.


His family was with him in Winnipeg and he has two daughters now but yes they do have a off season house outside of Toronto

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I don’t disagree with you, but professional athletes typically don’t lack confidence and I bet Zach is plenty confident that he’s capable of staying home and staying healthy.

Wherever he plays, I hope he’s right.

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It's known who 3 unvaccinated players were . One on Winnipeg, one on Saskatchewan and wilder Jr for sure.

John Hodge said he was told that Jeremiah Masoli is open to get vaccinated. So, the expectation is he will get the shot and be eligible to enter the country. Therefore, Masoli is going to sign with someone in the CFL to be their starter.

Justin Dunk does not believe Michael Reilly will return to BC. He suspects Reilly will either retire or sign with Edmonton.

if he's open to getting it, he would have gotten it by now.

Not necessarily. His career was never on the line before. If a team offers him starter Money ( 400k?) but the only way to play is to be vaccinated, then that might be a good reason to change his mind. Canada let him over the border unvaccinated in July 2021 and the country did not impose the provincial travel rules until November 30th.

nah, that'll mean succumbing to the "care bears".

those who have gone this far without getting a vax would rather die than get one.