QB predictions for 2022

Do the Riders still have Paxton Lynch as number 3 QB?

People who complain about an unvaxxed QB being allowed to play in a Grey Cup because he didn't have to travel, are leaving out a very important piece of logic.

Masoli made his decision (assuming he is indeed unvaxxed) with full knowledge of where the Grey Cup was being played. Had it been in the west, his decision might well have changed.

Knowing that his career is now on the line, his decision for 2022 may also be different. Just like Jacob Ruby's was.


But I don't believe he would have been able to play the East final if it was being played in Montreal correct?

Probably not. But we don't know whether he would have made a different decision if there ended up being a game in MTL.

We will all soon find out just how dedicated JM is to his stance, given that his value as an unvaxxed player drops to zero.


I think that depends on how the team chose to travel. My understanding of the rule is that they had to be able to travel with the team and were not allowed to travel on their own. Had the team chosen to travel by bus then I think he could have traveled with them to Montreal and played. Had they chosen to fly to Montreal he would not have been able to travel with the team and therefore not been permitted to play. He played a road game in Toronto to which I assume the team traveled to by bus.

I expect that had the Cats needed to travel to Montreal and had they had any number of unvaxxed players that they would have chosen to travel by bus and they’d all have been allowed to play.

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I thought at that point it was interprovincial. Could be wrong.

The great What Ifs :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: The Als at 7 - 7 would earn 2nd place ? The Cats would take a minor league bus tour to play in Montreal ? 8 hours on a bus ?

Pat Lynch (Cats 10 - 7)

All for Masoli?

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If and a BIG IF,
IF Masoli is not vaxxed and or will not get vaxxed, he should just retire


He might also consider tennis in Australia . I'd love to see him take the Joker out in straight hits .
I think Jeremiah is a lot smarter than Aaron Rodgers . If he isn't vaxxed , I bet he gets it done .

Pat Lynch (the aged one)

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Google Maps says 6 hours from THF to Molson Stadium. Comparatively it’s likely 4 to 4-1/2 hours door to door with air travel. An extra couple hours to have your full roster available? We’ll never know, but I bet if the alternative was not having Masoli available is that yes, the Ticats would have taken buses.

I’m glad we never had to find out!

There's the USFL and the XFL available to him. He could land a job in either very easily.

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There are no more exemptions for entry into Canada effective today so the only options for any un-vaxed international players will be south of the border.


What's funny is the only report on Masolis Vax status was from Madani. Who has been proved to be dead wrong on many occasions.

Could all be nothing more than hearsay.


that is true.

but if he was, I'm sure he would have simply came out and said, "what the heck are these rumors about, of course I'm vaccinated".

Instead he is the second coming of greenandwhite.


Thing is, is that none of the other 30-40 CFL media people have asked him,
Or if they had,
They have not responded with an article saying yay or nay or even a no comment or that is none of your business or...

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He was one of the only players wearing face coverings on the sidelines I noticed. Could mean something, could mean nothing.

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Not sure he would be allowed in the Stadium without proof of vax.

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that rule did not extend to players. I'll try to find the report I read at the onset of the season but there was an article that said the requirement only extended to attendees, and not the players.

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Trevor Harris was un-vaxed but he went to the US and got the JJ vax. The one shot JJ seams to be the choice for the Vax resistant crowd. Perhaps if Masoli wasn't he may have gotten the JJ shot when he went home.