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I have a couple of questions for you Calgary fans, if someone can help me out.

  1. I noticed rumours of Akili Smith being signed by the Stamps, is that still just a rumour or has it been officially announced?

  2. In 2005, behind Burris the Stamps had Gesser and Wimprine (neither of whom impressed me at all), and a fourth kid named Joshua Harris; due to lots of injuries Harris got into a game or two, and he did look impressive to me, I thought that he had a bright future in the CFL. Gesser and Wimprine both got released, and in 2006 you had McManus and Corley behind Burris. Does anyone know whatever became of Harris? I'd sure be looking to bringing him back if I was in Barker's shoes.

Regarding the Stamp's quarterbacking situation they really, really need to find a good quarterback to replace Burris this year. Burris is a backup quarterback at best. Burris would be one of the best second-string quarterbacks in the league but the Stamps are never going to go anywhere with him as their starter.

I see your still drinking noob sauce!

Burris a backup qb at best? Did you miss the 2004 WDF? The guy stunk it up in the playoffs last year, but he's still a pretty decent starter.. he has to play a bit smarter (interceptions while throwing off his back foot etc), but he's alright.

So as we meander off topic, do I assume correctly that none of you Calgary fans have answers to either of my two questions that started this thread?

I believe Harris wanted another shot down south. I beieve he is in the arena league. Rumors are still strong Smith may sign with Calgary but they are just rumors.
Regarding Burris he has to play smart and not try to force the ball to one particular receiver this cost him and this team many turn overs. If Thurmon can not play to his potential Burris must utilize the true weapons on his offense. He played like a bonehead this year no doubt about it. Back up well Dragon you are just jealous! Go back to drinking that windshield washer fluid! :lol: :lol: Yes Harris was impressive!

Thanks redwhite! Glad to know someone else besides me saw potential in Harris; I'd sure rather have him on my roster than Corley, who was absolutely brutal a few years ago in Hamilton.

Well I do know I would rather have Wimprine then Corley! I would like to see Harris back in red and white. He had lots of promise for sure. I hope Barker trys to bring him back. McManus was a big bust what were they thinking. The guy was great in his prime but in the last few years it was obvious to most fans that he should have done the right thing and retired.
Corley (head shaking)better then Wimprine! ha ha ha Somebody made a pay off!

Corley, Wimprine, Gesser.................who cares, they're all in the same class as Ryan Diwniddie and Mike Quinn and Tee Martin.....never amount to anything in the CFL; bring back Harris!

Well Gesser and Corley are for sure. Wimprine given some time might make it he had not a bad arm just very green. Where as Harris was ready for an advanced level of play. I believe Harris had experience in the pro's did he not.

Burris is either really hot, or really cold ... when he's on, he's great, but when he's not, he makes bad mistakes. He's an improvement over Crandell, who is a backup QB, that's for sure. But I still don't think he's enough to take us to The Game. Granted, in each of the last two SF's, we've had 18 pts scored against us in the 2nd half - so I'm not sure how much of that is Burris' fault. Although, we've also been shut out in those 2nd halves. Hmmm ...

HMMMM... Crandell won your last Grey Cup in Cow Town!! Why u knocking the guy.... Burris will never do that for you guaranteed, just like Glenn in WPG , nothing but a back-up QB at best.

Nothing But A Backup at best you on crack Kevin & Burris Were Better Than Joeshph,Mass,Allen, and AC (this year anywayz not on the whole)wow your fu**ed up

....just before the BCS game I heard Barker on the radio saying he was scouting a bunch of QBs down south and his #1 task was to make sure that there would be some new blood vying for backup and maybe even pushing Burris for the starters slot.....that was over a month ago......(insert cricket sounds here).....

Ha ha ha Bomber fan when was the last time the GC was held up by a blue bomber. Yes we won the 2001 game against ha ha ha the bombers. The problem is you could have had a chimp at QB and we would have won with the offensive we had. We had a good running game and the best receivers that year. Crandel has done nothing since and will do nothing the rest of his career. He lucked out having been the chimp for a great offensive team.

Whats the hurry? There are a few months to get what he is looking for.

Akili Smith to Calgary Stampeders:

[url=http://www.digg.com/football/Akili_Smith_to_Calgary_Stampeders]http://www.digg.com/football/Akili_Smit ... Stampeders[/url]

...yeah I guess so, just haven't heard anything...would love to be thrown a bone once in awhile....