QB position,the bottom line.

At the QB position right now there is no answer,Glenn or Porter have proven they do not have the ability to react under pressure in a calm professional way.They also do not have enough self awareness in a league where getting blind sided is par for the game,also you always must assume somebody is behind you without even looking(You can hear the footsteps).When you know a planned play is just not working you have to have a contingency plan or even bail the team out with an unplanned execution or have good running skills to take a few extra yards. If you do not have these skills at this level after a number of years then the coin has not dropped and unfortunately will never drop,look at Anthony Calvillo he has those survivor skills,he is the model to imitate.This is the leadership role of the team grasshopper,when you can blow out a candle while holding in front you then you might have began to be a leader, if not the time has come to go out to pasture.

Isn’t it easy to blow out a candle when holding it in front of you? And re: “self awareness” and Calvillo’s “survivor skills”, did you not see Calvillo literally get knocked unconscious against Edmonton last night? Fix our pass protection and bring Jamel Richardson and S.J. Green to Hamilton and our “quarterback” problem will be fixed in a hurry.

Edit: If they were ever to do a charity breakfast cereal promotion with Calvillo, wouldn’t “Calvill-Os” be the perfect name? has this been done already?

safety blitz wrote: And re: "self awareness" and Calvillo's "survivor skills", did you not see Calvillo literally get knocked unconscious against Edmonton last night?
did you see the hit on Calvillo? Every QB in the league would have been knocked unconscious with that same hit.

How does being KO'd mean you are not a survivor?

The average football career is approx 3 years and AC has been in the league for 17 seasons.
I'd call him a survivor.

I don't mean this in a smart a__ way, because I don't think Glenn is THE problem, but those two receivers are used to catching the ball on the run, not having to slow down and fight off a catching-up defender to get it. Glenn's weakness, IMHO, is that he regularly underthrows the deep balls.

Disagree. QBing is not the problem. I think you may be over reacting to the two game slump.

And then there is Marcus Crandell with a ring and the Trent Dilfer Experience. LOL So...I get the idea that having an elite QB is preferable to having to slog to the top with a second-tier guy or worse...but it is possible to get to the Grey Cup podium with a Tom Burgess or Roy Dewalt after all.

As for the calm, professional demeanour of Calvillo when rendered unconscious last night, I will leave others to comment as I am laughing too hard and cannot get up.

I do not sense that Glenn is someone who panics under pressure. He forces the ball into areas at times where he should distribute the ball elsewhere and isn't a guy with a top-level deep ball. He has certain limitations as most QBs do. Comparing his manner in the pocket to that of Quinton Porter would be ridiculous, however. Glenn at least can make a second and third read as opposed to Mr. Antelope-In-Flight-Or-Armpunt when his first read isn't there. Stats don't lie. Give Glenn time and receivers who consistently catch the ball (particularly from the slot as Bruce did and Stala does when teams have to play us honest) and he puts up enough numbers in terms of yardage and points to win.

Porter? Not so much. Really.

The Cats cannot give up 35 points a game and win. The defence IS the primary issue on this team -- secondary play and scheme being the letdowns -- not the offense. Avon Cobourne is being factored out of games way too early and the offense is not built to be effectively one-dimensional like the Als can be at times. Bakari Grant can't catch a cold, Aaron Kelly has not fared much better, Matt Carter almost makes me yearn for the blue-moon breakouts of Chris Bauman, and Mo Mann has been basically moribund.

It really isn't just the QB here. Glenn is more part of the solution than part of the problem as I see it, although I do believe he is still a second-tier guy. I would go to war with Cavillo, Burris, or Ray in a sudden-death game in this league more than I would with Glenn, but that is just me. Kevin needs to put a run together and the supporting cast (including the O-line play and Khari Jones as OC) haven't been up to snuff lately. Just saying.

We must ensure Avon Cobourne is a factor both in the running and passing games. He is a difference maker. With balance, this offense can compete with the big boys. Making Thigpen a slot is a great idea because Chris Williams is the weapon that can make this team a factor in the playoffs, IMHO. Williams needs to be put in position to break his coverage and the past few weeks he has been neutralized because the tall guys who get paid to catch the ball have been non-factors, frankly. It boils down to giving defences headaches every week -- with speed. This team as is hasn't and we are below .500 because of it.

Kevin Glenn ought to be replaced if he cannot get this team to a championship level and there is a clear alternative to him. We are not in a position IMO to have that alternative in the fold, so it it what it is. I would like to see Jason Boltus have the opportunity to push Porter as the backup should Glenn get the hook again in the near future so the team can assess under real game conditions what they have with the kid. Otherwise, it is a situation where the team will have to recruit that alternative in the offseason. Five-thousand yard passers in the CFL do not grow on trees. Until the Cats have that guy to push Glenn out of the number one spot, Kevin Glenn is the best opportunity for the team to win as is. Period.

Oski Wee Wee,


Glenn panics when the offensive line collapses,he has also thrown to many "bizzare interceptions with no TiCat reciever in sight.Will Calvillo the "survivor"win the cup again? Calvillo is a a man with a vision not "tunnel vision",he can also take a hit
and has an imagination when the O line collapses,this my friend is a "survivor".-lol! :smiley:

Yes blowing out a candle is as easy as making 10 yard pass wich Glenn has failed to do under simple,no pressure situations.
Calvillio will win the Cup again. :smiley:

Well if we take a look at Glenn, this is his 11 year is the league...guess he isnt a "survivor", whatever that means anyways? :?

Glenn is not the problem, Glenn is only the problem when we lose, if we win, hes a great quarterback in everyone's eyes, but oh boy if we lose, he becomes an awful quarterback who can't win.

This is professional sports, teams are going to have slumps, no need to lay the blame on ONE player, hence why its called football a TEAM, teams lose together and they win together.

Glenn has a big problem he can't throw real deep balls, airing it out with accuracy spreading out the apposing defense.

First I respect your football intellect and humour.

But I respectfully disagree regarding Glenn.

You're absolutely correct that 5000 yd passers don't grow on trees and that there is currently no clear alternative to him.

I say so what? I don't believe Glenn will ever lead us to the cup. IMO his glaring deficiencies far outweigh any positives.

I don't believe that even with a defense and an O line clicking on all cylinders Glenn will lead us to the promised land.

I will not be satisfied with more mediocrity. Basically I'm sick and tired of losing.

I would rather go with Boltus and Porter at this point. Even if we lose at least there'd be the possibility of hope that one of these two guys may surprise us.

There's no surprises left in Glenn. After this many years in the league what you see is what you get, and frankly I don't like what I see.

When Glenn first came to Hamilton and people were clamouring for him to replace Porter as our starter, I never thought he was as good as his supporters claimed. Now that the team is in a 2 game slump, I don’t think Glenn is as bad as his detractors argue.

He certainly had a good year last year, except at the end. Overall, he’s ok, a good second-tier QB in the CFL. I don’t think he’s ever going to be consistently in the top tier-- he’s competent, workmanlike, rather streaky it seems. But we’ve won Grey Cups with QBs like that before, and we’ve missed them with QBs who are in the HOF.

I was never a vocal supporter of Glenn.

But in any case have we ever won a cup with a qb who's made such consistent and spectacularly bad decisions at seemingly the most inopportune moment?

Completely agree!

Is Glenn the best QB in the league? No.

Is he a very good QB capable of playing excellent games? Yes.

And I’d go a little further to say that I believe he is good enough to win a Grey Cup, He has displayed, many times, that he, and the tiCat offence can beat any team in this league. It’s all about getting on a roll and finding your mojo, and this team, with this QB, are fully capable of doing that.

Mike Kerrigan won the Grey Cup in 1986 even though he had a 74.9 passing efficiency rating that year and a 16-19 TD/INT ratio.
In 1989 he made the finals again yet barely lost in the final seconds to Sask. That year he had a lowly passer rating of 65.5
And his career rating was a measly 69.1 with 126 TD's and 163 INT's.

unremarkable stats to say the least, BUT he won a Grey Cup with those stats.

Kevin Glenn is obviously a more superior QB than Kerrigan, thus I wouldn't count him out come post season.

The transition to a new QB will occur next year if at all. No professional football club with a clue is going to be usurping its starting QB in midseason in the middle of a playoff race for a home field gate as part of some experiment unless they know what they have as an alternative is demonstrably better. Porter is not that answer and Boltus simply hasn't had enough reps (none in real action) to suddenly be sent into the fray. If Glenn falters or is hurt, I think Boltus has to be given a shot as backup at this point.

Nonetheless, unless people can point to Kevin Glenn's tackling ability as being worse than Jason Shivers as being proof he should be benched, I think we go with the proof that he IS the best QB we have and run with him. Until we get the defence fixed, all this is moot, I am afraid. Our secondary play and defensive scheme is way too inconsistent to contend and no magic bullet QB hook is going to change that.

Oski Wee Wee,


McManus, Danny. Great QB. Won Grey Cups on a few different teams. Threw lots of terrible, terrible picks. Once a QB finally wins the big game (like Burris), people tend to start remembering the good and forgetting the bad. Glenn would be one of those guys if he hadn't had his arm broken in the 2007 EDF.

Terrific QBs we’ve never won a Grey Cup with: Tom Clements, Dieter Brock. Good (not consistently great) QBs we have won a Grey Cup with: Joe Zuger, Chuck Ealey

I'd take McManus and Kerrigan every day of the week and twice on Sunday over Glenn.

Me too. No doubt at all.