QB Porter starting?

Should the team start him in BC. Are we expecting to much to soon. Should we start Casey and work Porter in if needed. ect. ect.

8) Casey is still bothered by that wonky ankle, and it appears that Porter will start the game in BC. Porter has taken all the first team reps in practice this week !!
  We are going to save Casey for the playoffs  !!!        <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Don't you mean save Printers for a decent trade?

Some coach’s think you have to be very careful starting a young QB to not damage his confidence. All young QBs are different, I hope the coach handles it well. Some fans think we did this with Timmy at the very start and he never recovered.

More like Chang never got a chance after those first two starts. When he did get the opportunity he performed well. I personally think Chang would make a much better complement to Porter's style than Williams or Printers who complement one another nicely.

I sure do hope they start him. He did more with the tabbies in 30 minutes of football then Printers does in 60. Maybe he was just too green to realize the magnitude of the situation, I guess we will find out on Saturday. I think Porter is the real deal the way he was looking off the secondary and controlling the ball.

I sure do hope so! :rockin:

this may not be pretty...it will be Porter's first CFL start.....and every1 in that lions secondary is a ball-hawk....and dont forget about Cam Wake and Brent Johnson coming off the ends..

As usual a guy does a good job for a short period of time and he`s the latest and the greatest !!!! When, oh when will you realize that just because a guy does have a good half or game doesnt mean he will be setting the CFL on fire for the rest of his days ?? How many times does this have to happen before you say to yourself ' Hey ive seen this before maybe i should wait before i pass judgement "

You guys want to get rid of the most talented QB on the team AND the best RB . I always wonder which percentage of the so called no it alls actually  buy tickets to the damn game . Yes Porter looked pretty good in his half , but the receivers actually hung in to the ball and Winnepeg changed their game plan and didnt come with the same rush . Why they did this I dont know but it sure backfired on them . I hope Porter does have a great game on Sturday but I`m not gonna hold my breath , BC to me has the best defense in the CFL and a rookie QB could have a LONG night if he cant deal with the pressure . 

The most important position on Saturday will be the recievers especially the slotbacks and RBS , if they read blitz and run hot patterns we can take the wind out of the sails of the BC rush . To date this season i have not seen this so i`m not overly optomistic .

physically gifted, maybe. Most talented, naahh

He never got another chance because he got pulled in both of his starts vs the Argos. We need QBs who can get the job done. Chang turned out to be a bust. Williams had the exact same opportunities as Chang did and Richie took full advantage of them.

I still don't understand why we are still complaining about Chang. He didn't play well and we released him. He is now tearing it up for Winnipeg right? I'll have to check his stats.

I also don't want to hear anything else about Anthony Calvillo. He was bad here. We got rid of him. Please tell me, how many Grey Cups has AC won for Mtl and how many Grey Cups did we win with D Mac, AC's replacement?

Well I guess time will tell Tigerdirt. The Ticats never really gave Chang a chance after the Argo fiasco. While I like Williams, I don't think he was thrown in against the same Argo team but I could be wrong. Williams has done some good things but he hasn't led the Ticats any closer to the promised land than Chang has. My comment was simply that Chang seems to have a lot of the same drop back qualities that Porter has and might make a better compement to Porter if, down the road, we go in that direction...
The fact the Cats released him is no guarantee he can't play in this league. I would not use the actions of this team's management as a measuring stick for players' abilities. We also traded Zeke for a whole lot of nothing... :lol:

Well maybe it is because the 'cats have played so poorly for so long that any glimmer of hope is better then none! Printers the best in the CFL????? Yeah, his stats really show it; the guy drops the ball when he is by himself (twice now, two weeks in a row). Like I said before, he was MVP in BC because the all star receivers there made him look great. Now that he has average receivers he is average at best. Not worth the price to keep him around.

I thought he was released because of his attitude. I know he thought he should be #1 and let everyone know it, but he didn't show it. I think he had a big head from being a good QB in Hawaii (?) and thought that the CFL was a play ground league that he could dominate.

I'll be glad to see Porter starting against BC....given that he will likely be around next year and Casey could well be gone.
I can't believe some folks are still talking about Chang. He was a disaster and he's gone.
Casey has underperformed since he got here. Sure the receivers let him down and the O line left a lot to be desired. But look at what has happened since the receiving corps improved and the O line has improved a bit. Casey still keeps making bad passes, bad reads and fumbles despite efforts by the coaching staff to work with his strengths. This team has no future with him. By next September this team will look a whole lot different from what it is now. Obie is not through yet. :thup:

This kills me. Of course, the receivers a qb has to work with matter! But making him look good is another story. I guess they made Dickenson look good too. He wasn't really that great, right?

i don't know exactly what the problem here is. I like most of our receivers individually. But they are all role players. There are no Kelly Campbells or Nick Lewis' on this team. That may be the biggest problem.

While I think all the starters have done enough in given situations, they are not the right mix collectively. There needs to be drastic changes at the receiver positions. Right now the only ones that I would keep for sure are Prechae and Mitchell. These two young rookies are the cornerstones of a great receiving corps, though neither of them, yet, are the go-to guy. Prechae may become that. Mitchell will be a solid possession receiver. Both are inconsistent but have a load of talent. The rest are all replaceable.

If Porter can light it up against BC and the week after that, and the week after that, then so be it. I'll be delighted. Just don't be so shocked if he doesn't. I know that the apologists will come out and say "give him a chance, he was playing against a great defense in his first start", if he doesn't do well.

However, I am through believing in any half-assed promises and hype. At this point I have no expectations. Just let whatever happens be. Unless Porter knocks it out of the park on Saturday I won't be coronating him. If Printers isn't the answer then this team better get busy and find the answer. We cannot afford another gamble on potential of an inexperienced player or coach. We need a ringer. Maybe Porter is him, maybe he isn't. Time will tell.

Chang was released because the team deemed him worse than Porter.

Maybe Chang didn't get enough of an opportunity here but the situation he was in here was a no win. The team was struggling and instead of trying to build from within, we went out and got Printers.

My point is that Chang and Williams each had opportunities last year to show us what they have.

For Chang, he played well in the exhibition season and 1 half of football. He also got 2 starts.

Williams, I'm not saying he's the second coming of Doug Flutie, but he was able to move the offense and put up some points.

Willliams and Chang had the same opportunities and one rose the occasion. I hope that Chang get a fair shot in Winnipeg and that he comes back and destroys us. But you have to remember, it's all about the system that you play. The system at Hawaii was perfect for him and he played it for 5 years. Do we have to wait for 5 years for him to develop? Look at Bishop in Toronto. It took him 7 years to finally put everything together.

Maybe I'm impatient but I just want someone who can come in and turn heads. Like Mike Kerrigan. Just come out of nowhere and lead this team to victories.

So what is Chang doing now, is he playing football anywhere? Arena league maybe? I will agree that it is a revolving door with our QBs; I mean now Williams in #3, why? I thought he played ok when he played so how do you reward him, drop him a slot. I don't know if there is a solution or not to the ticats, it is very frustrating.

We are in agreement here, and basically it is what I was beating at. We cannot be any worse (can we?) and it seems that we are always close to a win but somehow shoot ourselves in the foot. Is it the QB, receivers, O-line, D-line or all of the above. If all of the above then we are in serious trouble and will not be much improved next season either.

But what is great is our kicking and ground game, so that is something to build on. Yet it seems that as soon as we get down we go away from the run instead of smashing the D-line. Heck, we now have 3 RBs that can burn the field, so use it. Utilize the pass to throw off the D against the run, but go 60/40 run/pass or maybe 70/30 (ugh, NFL anyone).

Oh give us a break. he asked the coach to put him in. Who wouldn't after watching Maas fumble around for two years. Heaven forbid that someone should show some initiative around the Ticat camp and actually ask for a chance to prove himself.

Chang made the trip with the Bombers when they visited the Cats last week, but he didn't dress. He was walking around the field in street clothes during warmup and stopped to chat and exchange a few hugs with coach Goldman and the receivers.