QB play in week three

I thought the level of play of QBs this past set was really good.

Harris ....very solid
Arbuckle--I thought he played really well
Mitchell....best game in 2 years,



Could you add MacBeth to the mix? Thanks a bunch. I thought he did very well in the role of 'comic relief'.

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I could but I wont. I don't want to be too serious here but I try to Never ridicule players. Way too easy from the couch.
You ever play a sport where people came out to watch you play?

Yeah... I felt the same way after my first beer.

Looks like we both picked the wrong week to quit mushrooms.


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Rourke was lights out.
Except for the one pick I thought Arbuckle played well. Just needs a better clock in his head to say get rid of the ball at 4 steamboats.
Mitchell had to up his game to pull out a W. Better mechanics this week meant he had more zip on the ball.
Harris just looked good because of who he replaced. Montreal has a great offence it's just they have had too many inconsistencies at QB. The Riders secondary also helped make him look good.

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The worst 2 qb's in the game continue to shine; Evans and Fajardo remain an absolute mystery how they are still employed as a starter

Ok, because Abernathy is a town in Saskatchewan, wasn’t.t sure what you were getting at there.?

Is there? For some reason, brain damage related no doubt, I have always linked those two names. One of those things.

Better than where I am some days, lets see there's good old whats his name and.............................Squirrel!!!

Call him what you want, I think he is becoming a very good QB.

I think the Riders must of taken the BC Lions oline plans from last year.

Fajardo had to run for his life quite a bit last year, but this year I think he will get hit every play.
Ferland and Johnson seem to be still going through growing pains. Then again Rodgers seems to take at least 3 possession killing penalties each game.

You've heard of Arena Football ?
Well in Abernathy they play in the curling rink. You've probably heard about it and that's what confused you !:crazy_face:

and then there is the oh so famous

Mr. Abernathy (comicstripfan.com)