QB Pat White

The Edmonton Eskimos offered former Miami Dophins starting Quarterback, Pat White a contract in January. Currently, White is weighing all his NFL options. Last report said 10 NFL teams had interest. But if White does not get any solid offers, he will sign with the Edmonton Eskimos and attend training camp.

The addition of Pat White to the Edmonton Eskimos would be a great signing. The guy has the speed to play QB in the CFL. If Edmonton signs White, it would all but mean the end for Kerry Joseph. With Mike Reilly & Matt Nichols already pushing for the number one spot, bringing in White would only improve the quality of Quarterbacks on this team.

If Pat White does sign in the NFL, the Edmonton Eskimos will look to add another Quarterback to their roster. A younger QB similar to former Miami Hurricanes Quarterback (and recently signed Edmonton Eskimo) Jacory Harris. Both the new QB and Harris would be brought in for the Eskimos yearly rookie camp.

It is time to let Joseph Go. With Reilly and Nichols expecting to be #1 and 2 there is no room for Joseph anymore. Whit is a pure running QB and with Reilly and Nichols who they plan to use as their two QBs no matter what bringing in White could add the short Yardage specialty QB also on the roster. Also with his job in hos one season in the NFL as a Wildcat QB but has seen little interest since shlould have ben working on other skills such as holder

Oh stop it already! :lol: We've all made clear our views already, and now we are repeating ourselves?

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And on Pat White, well he's on the glorified scout/practice squad for the Redskins now:

[url=http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/story/22001240/redskins-bring-back-rex-grossman-add-pat-white]http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/story/2200 ... -pat-white[/url]

I have no idea what the heck the Redskins are thinking, as unlike Griffin III, Pat White is little threat to throw.

He will be good in practice in running their read option offense even if he can't pass nearly as well hae can do other things and the offense can be run.
I wonder if he will be around for the regular season or just training camp. I beleive he was on Miami's roster the entire season he spent their so I wonder how much if any practice team eligibility he has left