QB Pat White signs with ESKS

The Esks added some diversity at QB. Reilly is the guy but with the much success of Lefevour in the wildcat and even Glotz had a lot of success in Winnipeg early on in a wilcat package.
Back up QBs in the CFL do more than just hold clipboards

Very interesting signing. I really like Pat White. Reminds me a bit of the Troy Smith story. Wrong place, wrong time in NFL. but very talented

I throw my hands up here, for I don't know what to think.

If White can be the dual passing and running threat with greater emphasis on passing now, which he was for four whole years as a starter at West Virginia University, we shall see.

Some college highlights from Wiki:

--The first player in college football history to win four bowl games as a starting quarterback and was named the game MVP for the third consecutive bowl game.

--Most Career Rushing Yards in the NCAA FBS/Div IA by Quarterback
On January 1, 2013, Denard Robinson of the University of Michigan surpassed Pat White's career rushing yardage total.
However, because Robinson played the position of running back in games and accumulated rushing yards, he is not the true record holder for most career rushing yards by a quarterback. But due to an NCAA rule, Denard was given the career rushing record by 15 yards, even though he took handoffs at running back. (BOO!)

I don't understand P. why are you throwing your hands in the air? in favor or not of the signing?

Undecided ...he has a good deal of talent but I am not so sure his passing skills are geared for Canadian football and even then I am not sure how he figures into the offensive scheme because they are not going to build an offence around Pat White ...

It's a crap shoot.

I'm with you. There is no question the guy has huge talent,(from an athletics point of view), but as we've seen many, many times in this league, that doesn't always guarantee success. You still have to able to make the tough throws, and that is a real question mark with White.

Good points. This is yet another storyline to follow that is setting this season up as perhaps the most exciting one in good long while. New team. New coaches. New talent. New QBs. Nothing is a given Gonna be great.

Based on todays performance, the only thing Pat White should get is a one way bus ticket out of town. He doesn't even rate plane fare.

White was the short yardage QB. Now showing much in the pre season it could lead to him adding a wildcat as part of his plans to use as the 3rd QB.
Really for much of pro football rules at times had only 2 QBs dressing and still the NFL you have the option. The CFL requires you dress 3, so having that third QB be able to do some different things could be useful.
6 game IR this season as well with the ability to take 2 players of the 6 game without there salaries reflecting back to the cap.
So reilly and a very good looking Nichols would give you the 2 QBs in which would play in a game unless an emergency or special package guy. Crompton and Harris could be fighting for that 4th spot and be on the 6 game ans should reilly or Nickols go down for a long period of time then Cromption or Harris would jump to the number 2 spot with White as the Short yardage and special package guy.


Again, White was terrible today and how could they judge Harris, he did not look good in the two plays he was in the game. White did not look good for the quarter and a half they gave him.

They gave White his shot. Still another pre season game left could see Harris get his shot a little more. Harris spent last season on the practice roster so he could still be a work in progress and if they so choose giving him a contract as the 4th QB on the 6 game IR would be a step forward.
Both Crompton and Nichols need to prove to be worthy of a roster spot or will likely be released.Nichols has got to be considered the number 2 at this point. Crompton would probably be the best choice with White on the way out unless they plan to use him as a specialty QB he dos not look like a QB who can start to me.
Cut downs sunday so we will see where they begin shuffling and releasing.

Ya I agree he ill be cut. you could almost read Jones' mind. They gave White critical snaps and they were deciding his fate. It did not go well for him at all. Too bad. Paolo was correct in his assessment that he does not have a pro calibre arm.

Interesting though that when Jones was asked about White’s performance he did point out that it did come at a part of the game where he was not playing with first team players.
Does not mean he won’t be cut tomorrow but I thought that it was intersting that he would kinda stick up for him and his poor performance.

White was awful. If he isnt cut tomorrow ill be shocked, basically cost the Eskimos the game. The defense played fantastic imo. Reilly and the first team offense seemed to be good for where they are at.

Hmmmm...t looks like White survived the cut so far. They released Harris.

Although some have disagreed but white may be seen as useful with his skill set in short yardage and wildcat packages. Hamilton had great success with this last year with two different QBs. Reilly as the starter with Nichols and Crompton both still with upsides to develop into Qbs in the CFL

To keep an import QB for short yardage when that is the only skill set he shows, makes no sense whatsoever. Harris got two plays was terrible and was cut. White got close to two quarters, was terrible for close to two quarters and is still around. Maybe White had a bad day and will prove me wrong, I hope so but strictly based on Fridays performance, I have my doubts.

Short Yardage and wildcat skills has been done before in both the NFL and CFL with and without success. White was that gu in the NFL and last season Lefevour was that guy as well. Levfevour's short amunt of time he spent playing the full QB package he was terrible.
Not saying it should or should not be done but for what other possible reason for keeping him???