QB or Oline

Is it QBs who can’t read defenses or Olines that can’t pass protect?

Is it a combo of both?

Are the Dlines that good this year?


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To all 3 questions .

One of the problems is that they are starting some ex-Usports O-linemen that have never faced an ex-NCAA or ex-NFL D-lineman. The D linemen are faster, stronger and better coached than any USports D linemen they have faced

Bigger issues is the OC.
Every offence is pretty much the same, but with some tweeks.
All the rules in the CFL favour the offence yet the defences tend to still dominate. This is one reason i am against 4 downs.

Every defence knows exactly where the qb will be 80% of the time. Shotgun in the middle. Rollouts tend to be unplanned. Snapping the ball under centre is only used for short yardage.
Have the qb rolling out to both sides, have the qb snap sometimes under centre. This will make the defence have to adjust angles. Even the run game could benefit.

Most starting CDNs can go head to head with american players, its the depth that causes issues.


They are running the same offenses everywhere in every league from high school to the NFL. It is spread-R/P/O stuff. I tend to believe that the O-lines are weaker, including depth plus there are some pretty dominant Defensive linemen. Every team has at least one stud at D-Line.

Doesn’t seem to be the interiors. It seems to be mostly the tackles, where yanks usually play. Betts is dominanting tackles

Offensive line sucks for Montreal. The QB is already in the gun and the o-line still can’t protect.

I have this theory with 16 XFL/USFL teams in existence the talent pool for o-line has been diluted. Various indoor/arena leagues still exist too that adds to the dilemma.

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I’m not so sure, EZ. Even before those leagues, teams generally used Canadians on the O-line anyway. AC was protected by 5 Canadians on the O-line and is all time leader in passing production. And O linemen always dominate in the first round of the Canadian draft. O Guards are always Canadian. There certainly has to be dilution as you say (and you forgot to even mention the NFL has expanded its roster too) but when I look at the games this year QB seems to be the position hurt the most. And I wonder about the DBs too. That position is dominated by Americans and you need lots of them. I see a lot of dirty play there - a sure sign of lack of talent. And to some extent linebacking.

Betts is dominating every American tackle he’s been up against. I think only Edmonton, Ottawa and Montreal use a Canadian at RT. All teams have American LTs. I don’t think any of his sack are from looping inside, just pure off the edge.

No argument about Betts. I was at his Combine. And I watched his college highlight reel a few years ago. Amazing. His 40yd dash time at the Combine was as fast or faster than any of the Canadian RBs or QBs.

You can’t run and you can’t hide

Actually you’re starting to convince me. Maybe we should add OT to the positions hurt by XFL, USFL and NFL roster expansion. Few teams in the league are showing good pass protection. OTOH I kept recordings of Rourke’s games last year and he was rarely in trouble. Could it be the dearth of good QBs at the heart of this?


I think that is part of it. We seem to keep recycling QBs from team to team. People will blame the Olines not blocking, but can the QB release the ball in a timely manner. Recievers are wide open, yet QBs don’t see them.

Edmonton has a good recieving corps, they shouldn’t be that bad.

On paper Elks have best receivers ever put together on one team. They’ve barely thrown to Geno this year for some reason.


Well they’ve got a pretty good reason as to why they haven’t thrown to him much the past few games being that he has been on the 6 gm IL .
Pretty difficult to throw to someone who isn’t dressed for the game .

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Well snarkiness aside, how many targets per game were there while he was in the lineup? In 5 years with Alouettes he was never on 6 game. Does anyone know the nature of the injury? A good chance it is only minor and they are getting his salary of the cap so they can pay other players.

No snarkiness intended .

As for his stats this year ? well if the league had a decent and up to date stat package instead of the garbage they have now implemented I would gladly look up the stats that you are looking for . The best I can do for you is to tell you that in 3 games played this season he has 11 catches for 200 yds and 1 td .

As for his injury all I know and can tell you is that he has only dressed for the first 3 games of the season . He has been 6 gamed ever since with apparently some sort of knee injury .

Thanks for info. Sorry for such a great player to be sidelined.

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